The Night Before The Birthday Bash

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Oh the nightlife can get crazy! Throw in a few Porn Stars a Mega Star Drag Queen’s Birthday and you have an event, worth writing about. It was a normal Friday evening I arrived home from work with plenty of time to get ready. I was going out with my bosses and a and some friends it was kind of a pre party to the Chi Chi’s Bash the next night.

So my boss arrives and we were off, we met up with some more friends at the Hyatt Hotel on Sunset in West Hollywood. There, we all got into a limo, which took us to Felt on Santa Monica, where we had diner. When we got there I had a pleasant surprise, my long time friend Billy Herrington was there. We immediately started to catch up, and of course, drink a few Apple Martinis. I really do not remember what Billy was drinking or if he even was, I just know I hadn’t eaten diner before I started, so it wasn’t long till I was feeling a little warm--if, you know what I mean. I think I had salmon--it was good.

Anyways, we finished diner and everyone being Friday Night decided it would be a great idea to head off to the Abbey for cocktails. Well, being as we got there and it was a little late we didn’t have a Cabana reserved. But, that was cool cause I met these total strangers that were more than happy to invite us into theirs and well, it worked out the more the merrier. I don’t think it hurt that I was totally making out with the guys in the Cabana, but hey who’s keeping track. We chilled there for a few hours getting hammered and having a grand old time.

It wasn’t until I was on my way out of the Abbey that trouble found me again. This really cute boy that I had flirted with several times before approached me as we were waiting for the limo—we made plans to hook up later. The limo arrived and took us all back to my boss’ house where we continued the party well into the next morning when we got a cab home. You would think at this point it would be time for bed… Not in my world…

Remember I made plans to have my little friend come over later, well I somehow squeezed him in between 7am and 10am. All I clearly remember is that his cock felt amazing in my ass and he stayed hard for a good hour. He was cool he came over we fucked and he left. I think everyone needs a simple just sex fuck every now and then. So, I fall asleep and just when I think I enter the oh-so-loved dream world. My boss called to tell me what time the car would be arriving to pick me up to take me to Chi Chi’s Birthday Bash that evening.

See, in my world the Party Never Stops!!!


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Los Angeles
As you all probably know I spent the weekend in Palm Springs it was amazing I had a great time though it was a little cold.

I will let you all know of my adventures that at a very soon date.

Time to start working on Christmas Cards. The holidays are approaching so fast, and I have done nothing to begin getting ready.



Well, till next time I love you all

Keep Stroking and Blow me a Big Load

Love and Hugs

Nick Young


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