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I will admit I have been pretty lame this week in getting my posts up and back to everyone.  It has been such a busy summer.   Recently, things have been a getting more organized because I have some help in the filing and office area so I will now have more time to concentrate on writing the reviews and keeping you up to date on the latest in my adventures and the ins and outs of the porn industry.  

I first want to catch everyone up on my trip to the Grabby's in Chicago this past May.  My oh my that was a show. It was a little long but well done.  The show started with a short comic movie hosted by lady bunny and chi chi LaRue.  All the stars were out from days of old to new it was a great feast of man flesh if ever there were such a thing.  I had such a nice time rubbing elbows with everyone catching up with old friends and makings some new ones.  I did meet Eric Rhodes from Falcon, he is a good guy I am sure, but I think something is hurting in him.  I never met someone so physically beautiful and clearly in so much turmoil.

ANYWAYS...  Honey West was fantastic with one of my more recent friends Trevor Knight joined in an onstage free for all with Chi Chi LaRue, Jake Deckard, Dean Flynn & Trevor knight, adding that extra sizzle to the stage was Aaron James, Blake Riley, Ricky Parks & Ross Hurston as the under dressed trophy boys.  We so appreciate the underdressed quality porn brings to our lives.  The three brought a really awesome sexy and interesting show for us.  The show highlights were Jake Deckard tied up on a hand truck and Andy Bell from Erasure presenting the FleshJack Best Cock in Porn Award.  The evening was packed with sexy men being honored for their contributions to the industry.  
After the show we all headed to the After Party at Circuit in Chicago's Boy's Town, the Military Ball.  The party was fantastic it was all decked out in military motif and guys in fatigues.  I arrived with a group of friends, we somehow all crammed into a cab and beat the crowds over.   I hung out with my boyfriend in the VIP area and caught up with some old friends and as always made some new ones.  After a few drinks I headed to the bathroom to take a leak and standing next to me was a total fucking hottie taking a leak.. We stood there for a long enough time stroking our cocks and checking each other out.  The line for the toilet started to grow and the attendant asked us to zip up if we were finished we complied and I gave him a good tip to keep quiet.  I have learned you can get away with just about anything if you just tip a security guard.  ;) Cool  so, I head out of the bathroom looking for Jon, my boyfriend to show him what I had found.  To his glee the three of us immediately headed for a cab back to our hotel.  The night and our trip in Chicago ending with one HELLO FUCKING Hot three way.  An amazing close to an amazing weekend...  Thanks Grabby's and Gay Chicago for making it all happen.

I am going to eat dinner now but I will be back to blog about what happened at my boyfriends MIT College Fraternity Reunion.  




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June 6, 2008
I am sitting at 32,000 feet, aboard a Boeing 757 heading from LA to Boston.  I am excited to be finally joining my boyfriend for his 20 year MIT Class reunion.  Yes I married a smart guy.  Well how else was I going to get my pictures on line for all you sexy studs to stop by and enjoy.  Being the nasty boy  I just have to express my sexual side and porn, sex parties, and masturbation sometimes are not enough.  So, I have begun on a quest to evaluate as much porn as is humanly possible by one person.  I don’t know if I have told you but you maybe notice I have a particular type of man I prefer, in a nut shell, Reece Rideout from Randy Blue is an ideal Guy Parker from CockyBoys is another.  In fact I think as soon as I am done writing today’s Journal Entry I will write a little more about how deliciously amazing this boy really is.  And by write I mean move my hand really fast up and down the shaft of my cock while I watch one of his videos.  Anyone with me??
I am also dying to get feedback about the site?  What do you guys think?  Is it good?  What do you like?  What do you hate?  I want this to be your favorite porn review site so make suggestions and help me make my dream a reality.  I will watch bad porn so you don’t have to.  ;)
So, I want to speak to you guys about what I have been up to the past week, I was working on a set for for their Porn Stars Road to FAME.  This was a very interesting week let me tell you.  See it’s a bunch of females Porn Stars nominated for awards, Tera Patrick, Jenna Haze, Gianna Lynn, Penny Flame, Jessica Drake, Joanna Angel all stopped by the studio to do live internet chats with their fans and ended up giving some pretty spectacular shows.  Now, being a gay man I have never had much interest in the pussy but I have to say these girls are FUCKING PROS!!! Holy shit they were so fucking hot and twisted it was amazing.. The MEN went crazy for these girls you cannot image how awesome it was.    Anyways, enough about girls…
So BOSTON, wow this sure is surreal I have not been back to Boston since the first guy I dated who was going to build me a website which I lost to some damn cybersquatter who won’t give it back. Hence the XXX in my URL..  Anyways, that was like 8 years ago so I wonder how much about this city has changed.  I was supposed to be meeting my best cyber frenchie friend from Montreal there, but he had to cancel something about his blah blah blah one excuse is as good as another.  So it will be just me my boyfriend and a bunch of MIT computer types, I hope it’s not as bad as I fear I will definitely let you know.  OMG I am getting so tired right now.  SO there are three gay flight attendants on this flight I am in first class and they all keep flirting, I have half a mind to head to the galley to see if one of em will blow me in a few minutes here, but I am waiting for everyone to fall asleep.  
The last time I had sex was almost two weeks ago, I have been sooo busy working I just realized that.  HOW TERRIB LE!!  BUT It was one of the hottest threeways ever we just left the Grabby Awards, the awards were a lot of fun..  I will talk about them later.  
Okay I am tired, I am going to see if one of the flight attendants can get me off then I will try for some sleep talk to you all in the morning.
Love and hugs.
Nick Young
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Currently I am sitting on a train from NYC to Albany NY.I am excited to be going to spend time with my family in NY and to visit the cabin. I have not been for two years and am excited to finally be making the trip again. As we travel north on the Train along the Hudson River we are provided a natural paradise of beauty and wonder as we travel up the Empire State. I brought my partner Jon on this trip and am having a most excellent time with him. Thus far he has proved to be an excellent traveling companion. I truly enjoy his company and insights, I find myself counting my blessings daily.

OMG my tummy is upset. I hate using public restrooms especially when I am not feeling well. My honey is working on something, though I have no idea what, he seems engrossed. I digress, NYC, such a beautiful vacation, I find myself drawn to that city for some reason beyond my understanding. We arrived on via DELTA airlines flight 82 from LAX to JFK and were nearly killed on landing well, the bumpiest approach I have ever experienced due to the thunderstorms in the area. The skies were so ominous that they actually shut down the airport for a period and Jon’s flight was diverted to Philly where he sat on the ground for 3 hours. Meanwhile back at JFK now closed as we were the last plane they let bounce down the run way we all began to settle in for our 3 hour tarmac wait. This I only mention because: a longer than a 40-minute tarmac wait is unusual, even for JFK. Now when we are finally cleared in for a gate gather our luggage find our car and finally make it to the hotel it is nearly midnight.

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Weekend With Joe

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The week leading up to Memorial Day was really shitty. Work was stressful, my boss was a pain, and I was suffering with the flu that everyone in the office seemed to have. Worst of all, I really didn’t have any plans for what looked like a long weekend.

Then, out of the blue, I got a call from a guy I had met when I was out a couple of weeks earlier. His name is Joe, a doctor at Cedar Sinai, and gorgeous with eyes that just draw you in and won’t let go. We had talked a while with each other. I told him about growing up on a farm in central Minnesota, and working in my sister’s construction company. He asked if I had plans for the weekend, and when I said, “No,” he asked if I would like to spend the weekend at his place in the mountains. I was ready to jump at this chance – and Joe – when he said, “Before you answer, I want you to know that I am planning to build a deck at my house, and thought you could help me with that.” Who could refuse an offer like that?

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Dore Alley

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Imagine an intimate Folsom Street Fair about 10,000 hot leather studs decked out in rubber, vinyl, and the hottest leather gear you can fathom. Joe and I headed up from Los Angeles, early Saturday morning on American Eagle Airlines for a weekend of drinking, sex, and debauchery.

We arrived to our hotel early Saturday afternoon ready for action. We quickly changed into our jeans and headed over to the Nob Hill theatre to see what was going on over there. I was planning on doing a show, but the crowd was nonexistent so we decided to grab a bite to eat at a local sushi restaurant—no shortage of those in SFO, and head over to the leather bar district to check out the scene.

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