Mickey’s, The Monkey’s, and Chi Chi LaRue

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Hey Guys Hope everybody is doing groovy and have a good time. October 8, was Chi Chi LaRue’s Birthday also that night my two best friend Jeremy Jordan and Jason Hawke were appearing for Cocktails With Stars at Mickey’s.

So, I get ready and head over to my friend AJ’s house and we head on over to Mikey’s around seven thirty guess what I was late as usual. Isn’t it funny how after 5pm I seem to run late for everything? Oh, well so I am sitting on the balcony as they are doing their little show thing chatting with friends and just catching up on some socializing. This fall has been very busy for me with family visiting and all so it was very much enjoyed getting to spend some time with the people I care about most.

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What is our Purpose?

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The past week was nice. Very mellow the way I like it. I spent a lot of time thinking, cleaned my house, did some laundry, and spoke with an ex. That is always a blast. I think I will call Jason Hawke and Jeremy Jordan today to see if they want to go to the beach. It’s a beautiful day in LA, then again, it almost always is. Well, for this week’s journal entry I wrote a poem, and a fantasy. I hope you enjoy. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Palm Springs

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Hey Guys, I just got in from a weekend in Palm Springs. I have to say that it is one of my favorite ways to spend a weekend. I stayed at the gorgeous Triangle Inn. The Hotel was beautiful, so many plants and a warm relaxed atmosphere. The owners were so sweet, and pretty cute too.

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Young Magazines Appearances

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Hey Guys!! I thought that this would be of interest. Check out some of the layouts which I have done for various publications over the years.

Freshmen: August 2000
Better known as the “fruit loops layout”. This was one hell-of-a layout in my opinion. The photographer really knew what he was doing and did an amazing job.

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Palm Springs Trip

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The best part of any relationship is discovering new things about your boyfriend. Of course Joe knows what an exhibitionist I am, and how much I love to get into public sex. Having people watch me having sex is such a turn on. But, I didn’t know how much of an exhibitionist Joe is – until our weekend in Palm Springs.

Saturday, we got free day passes to the All Worlds Video Resort. No doubt you porn fans have seen the trailer promoting the resort on your All Worlds vids. You’ve probably wondered if there’s any real action at the resort. I am glad to tell you there is. I think they use the free passes to get porn stars there, knowing that the guests will ultimately get a show out of it. Joe and I started out sunning at the pool. We were naked and the drinks were flowing. Wasn’t long before a couple of really sexy boys – a Texan with a beautiful, big, cut cock and his boyfriend – came and joined us. After a few drinks the Texan was stroking his cock to let us see just how big it was. And it was impressive. Maybe 9 inches. I could tell Joe was getting interested in sampling it. But that would have to wait.

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