First Love

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Wow what a nice day!! I just finished cleaning out my house today, I scrubbed from top to bottom - not to mention I cleaned out and reorganized my some 50 porn videos. My closed was a disaster, but it is all groovy now!

recently was in Vegas for the Internext convention—what a hoot that was! Hung out with all my porn pals—The Live and Raw Bunch (Logan Reed, Casey Williams, Spike, Jason Hawke, and Jeremy Jordan.) I spent the Fourth of July with two of my very best friends Jason Hawke and Jeremy Jordan. Last week Jeremy Jordan, Jason Hawke, Jeremy Spencer (editor of GayAVN), Alex Burbon, and myself all went to Sherman Oaks to play put-putt it was a hoot! Other than that I have just been working and playing. Not to mention Alex Burbon has been keeping me pretty busy, did everyone catch our Live and Raw appearance? It was amazingly fucking hot!! Can t wait until it is up; here so all those of you who didn’t see it can catch it. Or just keep rewinding it. Let me know what you think. Well, lets get to this week’s story.

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Man’s Country

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Shortly after filming my first movie “Sextortion.” Raul of Jump Start, an amazing booking agent, got me a gig at the famed “Man’s Country” in Chicago, IL. I got on the plane early on that May morning not really knowing what to expect, as this was my second real gig as Nick Young. It was a quick flight from Minneapolis to the “windy city” I quickly made my way from the airport to No Clark where the club and the “star-suite” are located.

For those of you whom have never been “Man’s Country” is a very large bathhouse with a pool, hot tubs, and, of course, a stage. Also, the location where the annual Grabby Awards are held. (See awards page) I walked in really not knowing what to expect…

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Minneapolis to Memphis approximately 1500 miles of interstate and oh so much time to get into a little trouble on the road. Back when I first started in this industry remember I was dancing for a small company out of Minneapolis that books go-go dancers nationwide. One fantastic weekend I got a gig in Memphis with two cute young guys named Bret and Alex. The three of us head off down I-35 in my car not knowing just what lie ahead.

Bret had golden blonde hair and a body to die for with big blue eyes, he was a super sweet guy, not the brightest bulb in the box, but he sure was a sweetie. Alex, on the other hand was a short little man kind of a twink, but oh so very cute. He had a tight little body with a nice round bottom and a pretty nice looking cock. All together the three of us make one hell of a trio. Bret was 20 years old; Alex was 21 years old, and myself 22, at the time. We arrive in Memphis after nine hours of driving—we were exhausted. Memphis is a cool town to drive into, as you approach you see a giant pyramid--an amazing structure.

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Last week I wrote about “Man’s Country” in Chicago, IL interestingly enough where I will be performing this weekend. Live October 12th & 13th. Hope to see you all there. This week I want to tell the story of my first gig as Nick Young.

It all started via one of my best friends Patrick, you see he was the webmaster for “Faces Cabaret” in East St. Louis. He told me about this club there that hired dancers. Now remember this is all before Nick Young. So, being the eager young-man I was. I sent the owner a few pictures of myself. I immediately got a response he suggested that I contact Raul, of Jumpstart, in Chicago. He (the owner of Faces) thought I had a really good chance at making a go of a career in adult videos. So, I with my two best friends, Matt and Will, I drove down to Chicago, on one of our weekend visits.

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