Trendy Awards 2010: Highlights Reel!

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 OH we had so much fun at this years very first Trendy Awards I don't know where to start, so instead, I'll just start you off with a highlights reel so you can get a taste of the fun and the rest will be posted soon!  Enjoy guys and feel free to comment, we love feedback!

PS: Syren Vaughn WE LOVE YOU!!

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Brandon Wilde is Back In Minnesota

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Back in Minnesota and already your bored and having lunch with Senators.  Funny thing, Your Senator is from my district where I grew up in Minnesota!  Looks like our little towns are just a breeding ground for Gay Porn Stars!  Enjoy your meals with the Senator Brandon, hopefully you guys have a good time.

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US Soccer Team Hottie Benny Feilhaber mimes to Jordin Sparks' "No Air"

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 Benny Feilhaber jumpingAs seen in the Image to the Left (Getty Images) Benny Feilhaber is one sexy Foot Ball Player!  Below I include one  of my Favorite You Tube clips of Us Soccer Team Uber Hottie, Benny Feilhaber.  Benny can be seen here singing to Jordin Sparks, "No Air" He is so fucking hot I don't care what he is singing, if this boy doesn't make a soccer fan out ya there is simply no hope...  Born in Brazil Benny moved to the US when he was 6 years old and now when he is not playing busy playing in the world cup he can be found making funny lip sync videos to popular pop songs.  How nice it is to see this muscled Jock has a sensitive articstic side as well... 


Also check out these images of my Benny Boy (photo credit: Fernando Llano of the Associated Press) Benny Feilhaber kicking the ballBenny Feilhaber in US Soccer Uniform
Such nice arms and legs, the things I can imagine doing to this boy!!! Of course Shirtless is always my favorite...  Not to mention what great teeth and such a sexy smile.  I think I am in love...  Well, Lust for sure.


Here are some additional photos of some soccer hotties from team New Zealand getting all sweaty!  Damn, I would love to warm up these boys!!! Don't they seem like quite a fun bunch.  #17 has me all crazy with those rippled muscles sweaty body and flexed biceps.  Not to mention looks like he is a bit of a horn dog.  Oh who am I kiddin'g I'd lick all of their ball sweat, but #17 twice. (Getty Images)   

And Incredibly gorgeous hunks from team Italy (Posing for a SUPER HOT Gucci ad).  Now why wasn't I invited back stage for that locker room?? These boy not only know how to play with their balls but sure look sexy sporting them. Not that I'd be opposed to seeing what happened to the shorts after the cameras turned off!!  ;) 

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MOVIE SALE at Hot House! 3 for $99

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Hot House is having a summer sale!  Buy 3 for $99 but don't stop there!  Any additional titles that you buy at $33 each with NO LIMIT so fill out your collection today!  Get the Grabby award winning films Scuff 4 and Up Yours 1 & 2 as well as many other fantastic Hot House movies.  GO NUTS!


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