The HourBoy Dirty Dozen: Richard

by NickYoung
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1. What is your favorite part of the body?
My body? My tushy is one of my better assets :) Bodies in general? I really like strong legs. It's a real turn off for me to see a guy who has a gym sculpted torso and bird legs. Find a gym that has full length mirrors and USE THEM.

2. Name something you like about yourself.
Being a redhead. Less than 6% of the world's population is redhead, so it makes me kind of unusual. I have all the classic redhead features: smooth white skin; freckles; sunburn easily; and of course, that classic redhead cock :) Red is not everyone's cup of tea, but those who like it, like it a lot.

3. If you could have a super power what would it be?
The gift of languages. Being able to understand and speak/read/write any language. Language is what makes us human, and what gives us our humanity. I would love to be able to communicate with anyone, naturally and easily, without language being a barrier. Of course, love, or more specifically, making love, knows no barriers, and is truly the universal language. I don't need to speak the same language as a guy to know whether or not when he slides is cock in my ass if he likes or not. And he doesn't need me to say anything to know that I'm loving what he is doing. That's communication :)

4. Favorite season?
Anywhere I've lived, I've liked Fall the best. In places where the weather turns cool, I love trees turning beautiful fall colors. In warmer places, the summer heat starts to diminish a bit. In the San Francisco bay area, Fall means beautiful Indian Summer nights, perfect for outdoor sex. Camp fires. Warm days and cool nights. That crispness in the air. Yea. I love Fall.

5. Favorite Porn or Porn star?
There was a vintage piece of gay porn that might have been called: HOT DESSERT NIGHT. It has this great scene where the two guys, obviously lovers, are in a rustic house in the desert, late at night. The weather is very warm. They kiss, and take turns sucking, rimming and fucking each other. At one point, the one guy puts an ice cube in his mouth and gently rubs it on the other guy's body. STEAMY. Being vintage material, it is all natural, condom free sex. Every time I watch it I feel like I'm watching two guys actually make love. SUPER hot sex and very romantic.

6. Where is your favorite place in the world?
The back yard of my friend's house in Mons, Belgium. It is idyllic. Lush. Peaceful. Calming. Beautiful any time of the year, but fortunately, I'm usually visiting them in October, so I get to experience the change of seasons, the wonderful crisp Fall air. And of course, they are two of the most wonderful people in the world. I look forward to every visit.

7. What celebrity would you like to fuck?
Well, in my case, more like... fuck me :) Growing up, Sean Connery. The one. The only. The real, Bond. James Bond. I don't know if I really get lusty crushes on celebrities. But I do fall in lust with certain characters. I'd bend over in a heart beat for Sam Seaborn of the WEST WING played by Rob Lowe. I am in LOVE with Helio Castroneves. I SOOO want to have that man's children. His accent kills me and his smile melts my heart.

8. What language or accent turns you on?
I love both Aussie accents and French accents. That wonderful, casual G'Day Mate quality of the down under sound is so friendly and inviting. And a French accent... You can say anything in a French accent and it sounds sexy. Prenez moi au fond (spelling might not be accurate, but: Take me deeply.)

9. Favorite curse word?
I do a lot of public appearances where cursing is not acceptable. I tend not to swear a great deal. But I have developed some substitute language I use. My personal favorite is TUSHY.

10. In all the arts; music, film, dance, visual arts etc., is there an artist that you like the most?
Hmm. I am a current world title holder in my own discipline of competitive dancing. This has afforded me the opportunity to meet some very interesting people from the world of dance, as well as from other arts. I have to say that Victor A. Roldan, a little known French abstract expressionist painter is probably my personal favorite. I don't like all of his work. In fact, I hate some of it. But all of his work generates a powerful emotional response in me. The world may never come to know him as a great artist, but I'm a big fan, and proud to own three of his paintings.

11. Where would you love to travel to?
The Orient. I love Europe, and go there often. I've traveled quite a bit in the United States. But I've never been to either near or far East. I'd love to go to China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Tibet, as well as the near East. It is such a different culture from ours. And the history, art, architecture, food, traditions. I'd love to experience all of that first hand.

12. Classic or trendy?
Without a doubt, Classic. Formally educated. Rather conservative, if a bit quirky. Much more of an oxford cloth button down kind of guy than a jeans and t-shirt guy. Never pretentious. It's not about fancy labels or over priced anything. And being more comfortable in khakis than jeans doesn't mean I don't know to get down in private. (Or in public, given an appreciative audience :) I just tend to be a bit formal, and a bit risque at the same time.


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