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Indianapolis Gay Male Escorts

 Heading back to Indy for the holidays?  Well some hot guys have surfaced on the escort scene since last you were there.  Thankfully now there is also a website to track them down on.  Indianapolis Gay Male Escorts has some guys who made my mouth water after poking through their pictures.  Scott, also known as UseNAbuseMe says it all and look at those eyes and that bone structure.  I wouldn't mind sitting down to dinner with this guy every night of the week .  EverythingNMore has abs you could do your laundry on so skip that cruisin' trip to the laundromat and DeGOAT is one hell of a sexy beast!  There's more, but I'll just let you find them.  Don't let the cold midwestern blues get you down.  Grab one of these guys!

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Johnny Hanson: Dirty Dozen Interview

by Nick Young
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Johnny Hanson
NY, New York

1.What is your favorite part of the body?
My penis and booty of course.

2.Name something you like about yourself.
My honest out going personality.

3.If you could have a super power what would it be?
To fly (like a bird/airplane.).

4.Favorite season?

5.Favorite Porn or Porn Star?
Brad Star

6.Where is your favorite place in the world?
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Rome Gay Male Escorts

 Rome, a city for lovers has no shortage of hot men to get together with wether you're traveling there or happen to be lucky enough to live near all these gorgeous Italian stallions.

Rick would be number one on my list of to-do's!  He's a muscle hunk who doesn't appear to be eating the local pasta but I'm sure he knows where all the good healthy food is!  Maximu looks like the party animal of the bunch.  I wish I could read Italian so I could understand his profile, but I'm confident that my eyes are telling me everything that I need to know.

Now let's not overlook Fabio Mei!  Take a peek at that profile and tell me you don't need to find him immediately?! has the men I'm looking for, a one-stop shop.

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San Antonio Gay Male Escorts

 Helloooo San Antonio!  Seen the Alamo already?  Need to see something sexy for a change?!  I have two words for you: Benjamin Nicholas.  I'm going to say it again, because it should stick: Benjamin Nicholas!  This guy is so hot he almost melted my monitor and from what I understand he is one city attraction that is NOT to be missed!  Green eyes, strawberry blonde and charming!  Texas here I come!

Tommy Clark's abs are nothing to turn your nose up at either!  You could wash your clothes on those rocks!  Stanley is a little shy but I imagine an animal in private.  If anyone needs me, I'll be in the "basement" of the Alamo...dialing all the hot guys!


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San Juan Gay Male Escorts

 Puerto Rico is very quickly becoming the hot new inexpensive new vacation spot for American tourists who are over Puerto Vallarta Mexico and want something more sophisticated and I have to agree that not only is Puerto Rico more adventurous and beautiful to enjoy but the men are positively scrumptious!

Marco Gotti bounces back and fourth from NYC, LA, Atlanta and Puerto Rico so his english is great and he's well traveled so his conversation will no doubt be interesting...which meerly compliments his great body and fantastic FEET!

I definetely want to meet Manny when I visit next...look at the fur-licious ass!  Find them at San Juan Gay Male Escorts!


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