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Santiago Gay Male Escorts

 There are many things in Chili that are even hotter than the cuisine and the local talent is one of them!

I met Diego on a trip to Chili to see some friends and check out the chiliean wines everyone was fussing over and Diego was the perfect travel companion.  Not only is he stunning (clothes or no clothes and that ass just will.not.quit) but he seemed to know everyone and everything to do.  Who needs to drop by the tourism center for a guide?  Just call Diego and see Santiago!

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Sweden Gay Male Escorts

 There don't appear to be too many Escorts in Sweden but if you did need to find one, they're all on  The one I've got my eye on for the European tour this year? TOMMY!  This guy is bouncing all over Eastern Europe and I can't think of any better travel companion that both knows the landscape, nightlife and probably knows his way around a hotel I would imagine.  I'm booking his company for sure.  Maybe together we can find this self proclaimed Hunky Swede (judging by the pictures I have to agree) and have a party!

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 Chicago Gay Male Escorts

Headed to or live in Chi-Town?  The windy city provides one of the largest city specific escort sites available, is riddled with hot guys to hook-up with.  My personal favorites?  Well I'm a sucker for Porn Stars so I'm always happy to see Brodie Sinclair's ad as well as sexy Porn Couple Chad Brock and Clay Towers.  Karsin Knightly is packin' some impressive skills, MarcusH70 is a good lookin' daddy and MuscledAlberto is gggrrrrrrarrrr. yummy!! 

I could keep going as Chicago has plenty of treats in-store...but why not sample them for yourself?

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 Dallas Gay Male Escorts

You know what they say about Texas, steers and queers and all that business, but having visited Dallas I can tell you that some of my favorite gay bars in the world are in Dallas, namely because there are some good lookin' boys in that city!  It's a logical hop skip and a jump to beleive that their escorts, strippers and dancers would be no exception...and you would be correct!

Take advantage when Francostudcali comes into town because he's not to be missed! Sabastian (Keto) just takes my breath away and I swear I could stair at him for hours...or other things of course!  Darius Soli (darius1771), those cheeks are beyond pinchable, both pairs, LatinMichael,Mckavett4412, the hotties are all over Dallas and concentrated on DallasGayMaleEscorts.

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Palm Springs Gay Male Escorts

If you like Porn Star Escorts, it's always good to check PalmSpringsGayMaleEscorts to see who's in town because there is almost always someone there, baking in the hot sun waiting for you.  Andy Kirra and Chad Brock stop by pretty frequently to say hello.

TominSP, a self proclaimed great top is definitely worth investigating.  Hottie hottie Tyger Bhugghatti likes to stop in Palm Springs and he is not to be missed when he does, especially if you're a Wilfried Knight fan cuz' doppelganger alert!!


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