TimTales Tim Kruger Dano Guerre

Tim and Dano TimTales

by Aaron Shepard
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TimTales exclusive Madrileño Dano Guerre is up for the Tim challenge!

Before the shoot, he was showing Tim some videos he took at the gym:  upside down bodyweight training.  It must have given Tim some ideas for an acrobatic fuck, because he pushes Dano to his deepest limits in this intense update.

Watch out for Dano’s open hole; it’s uite the rosebud!

Fraternity X Poppers Whore Bareback College

Poppers Whore Fraternity X

by Aaron Shepard
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Tyler loves to sniff the poppers.  The dude is always trying to hit the bottle when he’s a got a dick up his ass.  The brothers at Fraternity X all like to get a little buzzed, but this dude is ALWAYS dropping the damn bottle.

Party foul!

The brothers pinned his ass down, tied him up, then busted the kid a new hole!

Raw Fuck Club Severe Pounding Jed Athens Jett Rink Bareback

Severe Pounding: Jed Athens & Jett Rink Raw Fuck Club

by Aaron Shepard
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Powerhouse top Jed Athens brings the fuck when he grabs a hold of Jett Rink and delivers a severe pounding!

Jed passionately destroys Jett in every position you can imagine.  And when he’s finally done pounding that tight ass, he drops a big load deep inside his ass.

Raw Fuck Club Fuck! That's a Big Dick Danny Blue Tex Davidson Bareback

Fuck! That’s a Big Dick: Danny Blue & Tex Davidson Raw Fuck Club

by Aaron Shepard
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Danny Blue came in, with his big dick swinging expecting to fuck…

But when the slutty no-good bottom flaked, again, Danny did the next best thing; he bent over and took one for the team.  Tex Davison walked in with his huge slugger and hit Danny's tight ass balls deep for a cum-drenched home run.