ChaosMen Amador Antonio Cervone Vander RAW TagTeam

Amador, Antonio Cervone, & Vander: TagTeam RAW ChaosMen

by Aaron Shepard
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Here are three guys, who all have a history of amazing TagTeam action!

There’s simply so much to love in this video:  Flip-fucking, daisy chain fucking, double penetration, and double creampie!  You won't know which moment to time your own cum shot too!

Personally, my favorite moment was watching Vander hammer Antonio's already juiced hole until he busts his load all over Antonio’s creamy hole!

What will your favorite moment be!?

ChaosMen Caley Oliver King RAW

Caley & Oliver King: RAW ChaosMen

by Aaron Shepard
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Caley bit-off way more than he could chew when it came to getting fucked on screen his first time with Bentley.  His emails when he was discussing doing his first scene were all about "The bigger the better" and "I can likely do double penetration!"  Well after being hammered by Bentley, he decided to aim a little lower.  Apparently what he thought were big cocks he had taken, were not really all that big.

So this time out he requested a more average-sized dude, so he could enjoy the prostate massage rather than being split in two.  Perhaps he’ll step up to bigger cocks again with time.

Caley gets the cum fucked out of him, while Oliver juices his hole and breeds him well.  Caley's load is not huge, but Oliver more than makes up for it by coating his ass with loads of jizz!

Fraternity X Loosen Him Up Bareback College

Loosen Him Up Fraternity X

by Aaron Shepard
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The guys at Fraternity X were just chilling out, jerking their dicks off to some porn and getting their buzz on.  Evidently, they got a little carried away though.  They thought one of the pledges would look better with a dick in his mouth…

Damn!  This one just wouldn’t stop screaming.

Lucas Entertainment James Castle Devin Franco Bareback

James Castle and Devin Franco’s Bareback Thanksgiving Lucas Entertainment

by Aaron Shepard
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It’s James Castle’s first Thanksgiving and Devin Franco is working hard to make sure it’s special for him.  But mistakes happen, Devin forgets to turn on the oven and there’s no cooked turkey for the couple to enjoy.  But who needs a meal when two guys this good looking are together?

That’s their attitude, so instead of worrying about food James and Devin start making out in the kitchen and move to the living room.  These two Lucas Entertainment exclusive models both have beautiful faces, bodies, and cocks; watching them suck each other off highlights the amazing cocks these two guys have.  Check out 3:20 to see James go to town on Devin’s dick and balls.

James is hungry for dick in his ass, too, and Devin’s big rock-hard dick is on the menu.  James Castle gets on all fours and takes Devin Franco’s cock at 10:20.  Devin is a bottom at heart, though, and James is a top.  Devin loves riding his man’s cock; see for yourself at 14:40.

Lucas Entertainment James Castle Marq Daniels Bareback

Marq Daniels Makes His Bareback Debut with James Castle Lucas Entertainment

by Aaron Shepard
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Marq Daniels is a gorgeous man from Denmark whose desire to film porn brought him to the Lucas Entertainment set in Spain.  Marq has a soft spot for classically handsome men with chiseled features, so naturally he was handed over to James Castle for a proper Lucas Entertainment introduction.  James certainly has chiseled features, especially those perfect cum gutters of his.  

A “Bareback Auditions” scene wouldn’t be complete without a chat between the guys; fans of English accents will especially enjoy this interview, since James has a sexy voice to match his breathtaking looks.  Marq Daniels agrees, and relishes his chance to make his Lucas Entertainment debut by swapping blowjobs and sliding his raw cock inside James’ tight ass after the audition is over.