Guys in Sweatpants Austin Ryder Austin Wilde Jaxx Chance

Fucking the Boyfriends: Austin Ryder, Austin Wilde, Jaxx Chance Guys in Sweatpants

by Aaron Shepard
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Aside from the obvious, there’s always a certain level of satisfaction in fucking boyfriends.  Especially when you can just pull your cock out of one, take a step to the side, and start fucking the other all in the same breath.  It’s pretty fucking hot… you’ll see.

I think Austin Ryder and Jaxx Chance were pretty anxious to get into Austin Wilde’s pants and play with and take his huge cock.  The look of joy on their faces when it came out explains it all!  They’re both great tops, but they’re exceptional bottoms!  Austin pretty much had his way with them, fucking loads out of them both, and then blowing his own all over Jaxx’s hole, which was gleefully cleaned up by Austin Ryder.

Drenched in sweat and cum, I think they all had fun!

CockSure Men Cody Donal Martin Muse Bareback

Martin Muse Barebacks Cody Donal CockSure Men

by Aaron Shepard
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Cody Donal and Martin Muse are two young and hung jocks.  They begin by kissing passionately before slowly removing their clothes as they fondle each other.  Martin pulls down Cody’s pants and sucks on his large, uncut prick.  Cody strips Martin’s clothes off and quickly swallows his cock while stroking himself.  Cody turns around and Martin plays with his ass, fingering Cody’s eager hole.

Cody gets into the doggy position and Martin pushes his raw cock in bareback.  Cody grimaces because of Martin’s size, but he loves getting fucked raw by the large pole.  Martin sits on the chair and Cody gets on top of him.  He brings Martin’s raw cock into his ass and rides him bareback.  Holding Cody’s ass in his hands Martin pounds him from below.  Cody lays down and lifts his right leg up and over Martin’s left shoulder.  Martin pummels Cody’s ass bareback.

After all that action, Cody cums on his belly after Martin pulls his raw cock out.  Martin spills his seed onto Cody’s balls.  Martin bends over giving Cody a sweet kiss.

TimTales Tim Kruger Denis Sokolov

Tim and Denis Sokolov - TimTales

by Aaron Shepard
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Tim got lucky this time!  He was testing out this pearl from Russia – a true muscular and bottomless Russian hunk –for the first time.  Denis Sokolov is CRAZY sex!

He’s also a nice guy with a perfect body and can take dick for hours.  I was totally mesmerized at the sight of his gaping hole… pure beauty.  We’ll certainly se more of him at TimTales.

Добро пожаловать в Барселону!

TimTales Tim Kruger Sunny Colucci Outdoor Sex

Tim and Sunny Colucci TimTales

by Aaron Shepard
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Sunny Colucci brought with him the first day of summer in Barcelona.  And for Tim, that meant a never ending day of fucking!

They started inside, but soon moved to the terrace – warm winds, hard sun, and multiple climaxes!  I’m sure Sunny didn’t expect that endless rampage, but he took Tim’s bull cock like a champion… for an entire day.