ChaosMen Calhoun Vander RAW Bareback

Calhoun & Vander: RAW ChaosMen

by Aaron Shepard
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I just can't come up with enough superlatives for this video… It is definitely a dream match-up. 

In one corner, you have Vander:  power bottom and a very dirty boy, who can top with the best of them.  In the other corner, we have Calhoun:  another VERY dirty boy, who has discovered he not only likes to top, but bottoming as well. 

These two heavyweights enter the ring hungry for each other's cocks, both guys easily deep-throating each other's massive cocks.  Calhoun loves big cocks, and chokes himself until his eyes are red and watering!  One of my favorite parts is when Vander pulls away after face fucking him, and Calhoun just looks dazed and tearful.  After the fog clears, Calhoun is treated to Vander’s tight hole.  Vander massages Calhoun’s cock with his ass and just rides him hard and passionately. 

Vander and the guys at ChaosMen were both unsure if Calhoun would bottom this video, but he took one look at Vander's cock and he really wanted to see if he could handle it.  There is a cute OutTake at the end if you want to see Calhoun gasp after taking his first big boy cock. 

Calhoun easily fucks the cum out of Vander, though.  Vander then props himself up on the couch from the floor and makes a target of his hole for Calhoun. Calhoun rubs his nut out, and fills Vander up with his seed. 

Both men still hot and sweaty from all the passion share an intense kiss to close out the scene!

TimTales 2 BBCs 4 Jordan Dawson Devon Lebron Patrick Grau Bareback

2 BBCs 4 Jordan: Devon Lebron, Patrick Grau, & Jordan Dawson TimTales

by Aaron Shepard
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Jordan Dawson just went to TimTales “Big Black Cock heaven!”  So much cock for such a little French slut, he’s definitely in his element!

With some serious teamwork, TimTales exclusives Devon Lebron and Patrick Grau give their massive black cocks to Jordan and destroy that hole.  You can tell that Jordan is overwhelmed with pleasure and huge dicks.

“On va te défoncer!” said Patrick at the beginning of the shoot.  It means, “we’re gonna bang the hell out of you!”  And that’s exactly what they did!

Fraternity X Game Dame Bareback College

Game Day Fraternity X

by Aaron Shepard
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They say practice makes perfect!  And the “brothers” at Fraternity X have been pounding dude-holes for weeks now, and they are definitely getting better at it!  Pretty soon it’s going be one of their turns to get fucked... They’re a little nervous, though.

One of the brothers even asked, “Is it gonna hurt?  I just don’t know… I’ve never had a dick in my ass, man.”

Raw Fuck Club Spit-Roasted Daddy Adam Russo Asher Devin Carter Hudson Bareback

Spit-Roasted Daddy: Adam Russo, Asher Devin, & Carter Hudson Raw Fuck Club

by Aaron Shepard
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Asher Devin picks super daddy Adam Russo up off the street and brings him back to his place for a deep pounding.  Hung newcomer, Carter Hudson, is invited to join in and before you know it Adam has cock going in and coming out of every hole.

Adam's ass is overflowing with cum by the end of it all.

Raw Fuck Club Big Brother Load Seth Knight Nate Stetson Bareback

Big Brother Load: Seth Knight & Nate Stetson Raw Fuck Club

by Aaron Shepard
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You know that feeling you get, when you know your roommate really wants to just fuck your brains out...Well, how do you react?

You submit.  You give him your nice tight ass like a good little bottom, BUT only after closing your eyes and pretending you're getting ploughed by the rugged, chiseled, uncut stud you've been dreaming about to cream your hole.