Hot House The Club Connor Kline Darius Ferdynand

The Club: Connor Kline & Darius Ferdynand - Hot House

by Aaron Shepard
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Connor Kline joined The Club specifically so he could workout with Darius Ferdynand.  Darius shows his appreciation by working on Connor's huge cock in the locker room.  The muscular hunk gets on all fours and swallows Connor's dick all the way to his giant balls, but Connor can't help but be distracted by Darius' perfect smooth ass.

He pulls the young athlete onto his cock and stands up with Darius impaled on his massive sword.  Darius bounces up and down on Connor's hard dick then lies back on a bench with his thick cock up in the air, allowing Connor to plow him deep. 

The sight of Darius' monster meat makes Connor's hole twitch, so he pulls out and orders the hot jock to fuck his ass.  Darius climbs up behind the 6' stud and shoves his dick in his ass and fucks a thick rope of cum out of him!

Nova Rubio Drew Sumrock Jed Athens Lucas Entertainment Bareback Double Penetration

Bareback Double Penetration: Jed Athens, Drew Sumrock, & Nova Rubio - Lucas Entertainment

by Aaron Shepard
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Nova Rubio, Drew Sumrock, and Jed Athens are all fighting for the same white-collar job.  Drew is playing it cool but can't help watching Nova and Jed, who say "fuck it" about the job and instead go down on each other.  Drew's willpower eventually breaks and he joins in with the fun, sucking off Jed Athens and Nova Rubio.  He certainly gives his jaw a workout in the process!

It doesn't take long for the suits to get stripped off and Nova positions himself as the top in the scenario.  Jed and Drew are hungry to get their asses fucked with raw cock, but why stop with one deep-slamming cock when you can have two?!

If you're looking for bareback double penetration, then look no further!

Manuel Olveira John Rodriguez Kristen Bjorn Madrid Stories Old Friends Flip-Flop

Madrid Stories - Old Friends: Manuel Olveira & John Rodriguez - Kristen Bjorn

by Aaron Shepard
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John was flown into Madrid to visit with his old friend Manuel.  The next morning after a good night's rest the guys meet up downstairs in their towels, which reminds them of some good old times. 

The guys flip back and forth sucking on each others' hard cocks; then they 69 each others' ass and tongue fuck each other in unison.  John mounts Manuel's raw cock and goes for a hot ride, enjoying the sensation of skin on skin.  John then flips Manuel and rams his raw cock into Manuel's hungry hole.  

Manuel loves the sensation of a raw cock fucking him and squeezes a hot load out of John's big cock.  John covers Manuel's ass with his wet come before dumping the rest of his load inside of Manuel's ass.  Manuel's hole is still hungry for cock so we squats down on John's still hard, cock.  John pounds away at Manuel's ass as Manuel shoots his SECOND load over John's head and onto his face and tongue before John sucks the remaining cum from his cock.

Isn't there a good friend you haven't seen in a while you should call?

Doug Acre Connor Kline Hot House Get Your Ass In Gear Jocks Hung

Get Your Ass In Gear: Doug Acre & Connor Kline - Hot House

by Aaron Shepard
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Pumping iron makes Connor Kline's dick hard.  Tricked out in athletic gear and a jockstrap, the young stud does his curls with his raging hard-on stranding straight up in the air.  Little does he know that his buddy, Doug Acre, is watching him from the shadows, stroking his own big fat cock.

Doug approaches Connor and takes his big meat in his mouth.  The muscular jock swallows Connor's cock to the base then kicks back so Connor can worship his monster cock.  Connor takes his time licking and sucking Doug's cock until he can't wait any longer; he needs that fat rod up his ass!  Connor jumps up and lowers his giant bubble-butt down on Doug's dick.  He bounces up and down on his teammate's cock then lies down so Doug can get in there and really pound his hole.  Doug fucks a load out of Connor then pulls out and shoots a thick stream of cum straight up into the air.