TimTales Fostter Riviera Ricky Ibanez Bareback

Fostter Riviera Barebacks Ricky - TimTales

by Aaron Shepard
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Fostter Riviera is back!

In his scene with Ricky Ibanez, Fostter fucks the hell out of Ricky till he not only cums once but twice.  Even then he doesn't’ stop, he kept on fucking hard without pause till his cum was some kind of foam that lubed Ricky´s bareback fuckhole. 

Fostter did such an amazing job in this scene that the guys at TimTales promoted him to an Exclusive!  Be sure to look for more from this all-star top.

Fraternity X Hazed Hard and Raw Bareback College

Hazed Hard and Raw - Fraternity X

by Aaron Shepard
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The guys at Fraternity X were all sitting around watching a match when they grabbed frat bro Gauge to show him how the wrestler on TV couldn't be beat.  That’s when the little bitch touched his “brother’s” dick!  They called him out on it, and it turns out he'd touched everybody dick.  So they had to teach him a lesson.

They bent him over the couch and all took turns slamming his ass raw.  From there they fucked him all over the apartment while he went from struggling, to crying, to fucking enjoying himself and blowing a goddam load on his face!

What a little pig slut… Guess he ended up liking all their loads in his ass.

Raw Fuck Club Cam Christou Brett Bradley Ray Diesel Jimmie Slater Bareback

Cam Christou Takes Three Big Cocks: Cam Christou, Brett Bradley, Ray Diesel, & Jimmie Slater - Raw Fuck Club

by Aaron Shepard
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A drunken night of fun at the Army barracks turns into a hot, raw group fuck.  Brett Bradley, Ray Diesel, and Jimmie Slater each take turns plowing Cam Christou till he’s begging for more.

What more can they give him?  How about a two for one special! 

Channel 1 Releasing The Cum Guzzler Club Scene 1 Roman Chase Sean Duran

The Cum Guzzler Club (Scene 1): Roman Chase & Sean Duran - Channel 1 Releasing

by Aaron Shepard
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Roman Chase is desperate to become a member of the Cum Guzzler Club, but the only way to get into this party is to prove his worth to the new owner of the club, Sean Duran.  Muscle daddy Sean Duran knows exactly how to initiate this cock hungry boy into his Cum Guzzler Club. 

Roman gets his wish after the fucking of his life, but what he doesn't know is what awaits him in the back room…

Sean Cody Jack Cole Bareback

Jack & Cole: Bareback - Sean Cody

by Aaron Shepard
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Jack has gotten so ripped since the last time we saw him, “I’ve been working out a lot actually.” Cole felt a little intimidated, but quickly realized that’s exactly what he wanted.

“Do you feel like you’re gonna be man-handled a little bit?”  We asked knowing full well he would be.

“I hope so!”  Cole was excited about the idea.  Jack definitely liked Cole as well.

“I prefer my men to be a bit more on the petit side,” he smiled and looked at Cole.  Jack worked himself a bit too hard showing off his workout routine.

“Don’t use up all your energy, you’ll need some of it later.”  That didn’t stop Jack from fucking Cole hard and long later on.