Dominic Ford Bareback Scott DeMarco Osiris Blade

Bareback: Scott DeMarco Breeds Osiris Blade Dominic Ford

by Aaron Shepard
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Sexy Scott DeMarco is back with his tight, lean body and huge dick to give Osiris Blade a pounding!

Even though Osiris has a huge cock, sometimes he likes to take it in the ass… Raw.  And Scott was more than happy to show Osiris what a good raw pounding can do, especially as he fucks Osiris' huge load right out of him.  If that wasn’t enough, Scott then fucks Osiris with his own cum again.

This is one hot scene!

Dominic Ford Bareback Martin Mazza Ken Summers

Bareback: Martin Mazza Breeds Ken Summers Dominic Ford

by Aaron Shepard
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On a rooftop in Barcelona, Spanish daddy Martin Mazza finds the gorgeous Ken Summers sun bathing.  One thing leads to another and soon they are naked on the rooftop, where anyone could see them sucking and rimming.

After they move inside, Martin fucks Ken raw and breeds his ass.  Ken moans in ecstasy as Martin fucks him raw.

TimTales Koldo Antonio Bareback

Koldo Barebacks Antonio TimTales

by Aaron Shepard
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A classic for you on this fine Saturday afternoon...

Massive thick cocked Koldo Goran raw fucks his old time friend Antonio Miracle.  That’s a lot of cock even for Antonio's experienced hole, but he takes it like a champ!  And don't miss Koldo’s perfect cumshot as he’s buried deep in Antonio.

Bred to perfection!

Fraternity X Ass Bashing College Bareback

Ass Bashing Fraternity X

by Aaron Shepard
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Tyler, the house bitch, was on cleaning duty, when he fucked up bad!  He completely blocked the TV during a fight.

We pinned his ass down, shoved our dicks in his cock hole!  And when that wasn’t enough, we pounded his face, slapped his ass, and nailed him good.  He’ll be more careful the next time, that’s for sure.

Raw Fuck Club Pound the Alarm Champ Robinson Dominique Kenique Bareback

Pound the Alarm: Champ Robinson & Dominique Kenique Raw Fuck Club

by Aaron Shepard
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Champ finds his sidepiece Dominique exactly as he likes him:  stripped, handcuffed, and waiting for some big black cock!

Just as any good sidepiece should, Dominique shows us how to worship a cock such as Champ’s.  He then gives us our second lesson of the day by showing us all how to take dick like a man and crave cum like a whore. 

You should probably take notes!