Ian Murphy Shane Frost CockSure Men Bareback Beard Tattoo Hung

Ian Murphy & Shane Frost - CockSure Men

by Aaron Shepard
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Bearded Ian Murphy and tatted Shane Frost make out on the couch at the opening of this scene.  The two rugged men sensually feel each others bodies; Shane takes his shirt off and Ian slowly works his way down.  Ian deep throats Shane's succulent man meat, making sure to swallow every inch.  The studs quickly get undressed and Shane sucks Ian's thick rod.  He struggles to fit the massive cock in his mouth.

Shane turns around and Ian penetrates his tight, raw hole.  Ian teases Shane; pulling his huge pole all the way out then shoving it back in.  He sits on the couch and Shane swallows the cock with his ass.  Shane rides hard as Ian thrashes his insides.  His cock flails up and down as he bounces on the bareback dick.  

Shane lays on his back and Ian splits his ass with his cock.  Ian pulls out just in time to shoot a sizzling load around Shane's stretched hole.  Cum drips from Shane's hole when he pulls out.  

He rims Ian's hairy ass and gets the hung otter to relax for his thick raw pecker.  Shane barebacks Ian's man hole relentlessly.  Shane pulls out and shoots his own thick load on Ian's ass before shoving it back in one more time.

Layton ChaosMen Solo Tattoo

Layton: Solo - ChaosMen

by Aaron Shepard
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Layton has all the qualities that I look for in a man - dirty boy vibe, lots of tatts, and oozing raw sexual energy!

He is 27 and has the calm confidence of someone who has tried all kinds of things.  He identifies as straight, but it seemed like there had been some encounters with men in his past.  He loves the camera though, and definitely plays to it for us.

Can't wait to see more of this one!

Braxton Vander ChaosMen RAW Tattoo Hairy Hung

Braxton & Vander: RAW - ChaosMen

by Aaron Shepard
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Braxton just keeps pushing his limits.  He had seen Vander on the website and knew he was in for a mouthful!  However, as soon as he saw that monster of a cock he was hooked.  Braxton even got a little "piggy" with it!

The real excitement came though when Braxton slid his cock hard cock into Vander waiting hole.  Braxton knows how to please his partner!  He was incredibly attentive; reaching down to stroke Vander's twitching cock as he slides his own in and out.  The chemistry between these two is palpable and it did not take long for them to both be spewing their loads.  Both left highly satisfied!

Adam Archuleta Steve Peyroux BelAmi Online Kinky Angels Toned

Adam Archuleta & Steve Peyroux - BelAmi Online

by Aaron Shepard
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In this update by BelAmi, Adam Archuleta got the chance to hook up with muscled bottom, Steve Peyroux.  Steve is known as a bottom who is capable of taking any sized cock with pleasure!  

And this encounter with Adam definitely gave him the pleasure he was looking for.  These two men fuck the cum right out of one another as they bask in the bliss of each others' bodies.

Marcel Gassion Jack Harrer BelAmi Online Smooth Hung Facial

Marcel Gassion & Jack Harrer - BelAmi Online

by Aaron Shepard
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BelAmi is pairing up one of their most beautiful dicks and one of their most talented bottoms in this update - Jack Harrer and Marcel Gassion!

Marcel is almost always irrepressibly happy and that is just what Jack needed to brighten up his somewhat morose mood.  Within moments of the two interacting, Jack had forgotten his problems and was solely focused on the pleasure he was experiencing in that moment.  His day just got better from there!

If only we all had someone like Marcel around when we were feeling down, the world would seem like a far better place.