Fraternity X Slobbering Hole Fucked College Bareback

Slobbering Hole Fucked Fraternity X

by Aaron Shepard
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The guys at Fraternity X found out one of the pledges has a little dick…

They threw his ass against the wall and pounded it good!  The guys didn’t just stop at his ass though, they face fucked him too.  The dude was slobbering all over their dicks.  He gave some really good head!  The brothers made him suck their dicks clean before they dumped their loads straight up his ass.

Frat life is the best!

Raw Fuck Club Load After Load Eli Lewis Rikk York Bareback

Load after Load: Eli Lewis & Rikk York Raw Fuck Club

by Aaron Shepard
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Eli Lewis has the room to himself and he is itching to get fucked and loaded!

Enter Rikk York.  He had just gotten back from partying all night, and Eli’s ass was perfect for the taking.  Rikk York pounds Eli’s tight hole senseless and drops two loads deep into his ass.

Looks like Eli got just what he wanted!

Raw Fuck Club Brian Bonds Sean Duran Flip Fuck Bareback

Brian Bonds & Sean Duran Flip Fuck Raw Fuck Club

by Aaron Shepard
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Hunky Brian Bonds and muscle stud Sean Duran both have an insatiable appetite for cock and ass!  So there’s no better solution than a flip fuck.

These two horny fuckers plow each other’s holes raw till they’ve both had their fill of cock and ass.  By the end they’ve both taken a load from the other and are more than satisfied with the outcome.

Channel 1 Releasing Buff & Stuff Scene 1 Brendan Patrick Tex Davidson

Buff and Scruff (Scene 1): Brendan Patrick & Tex Davidson Channel 1 Releasing

by Aaron Shepard
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A whole lot of crazy foreplay starts off this dick-sucking, asshole-fingering love fest, before these horny dudes really go at it.

Scream "Fuck me, daddy!" and get CRAZY-horny along with them in the mirror, but muzzle-up – because you’ll be exploding with them in no time.