Kristen Bjorn and Bel Ami: Sex City 1&2

by CockFight
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Bel Ami and Kristen Bjorn Create:
Sex City 1 & 2

Upon returning from The Grabby's in Chicago this year, all anyone could talk about was how HOT the Bel Ami boys were in person and I can honestly say that not only were they as hot as advertised, but I always thought that the men of Kristen Bjorn are just as hot and now just knowing that they are probably just as hot or hotter in person I want to watch even more!

Thankfully for us all these two European porn powerhouses decided to put their hottest men together and create the Sex City series.  Blonde ubber hottie Dolph Lambert joins in as well as Brandon Manilow and the rediculously sexy Peters Twins Elija and Milo.  I know I should be spending the summer by the pool but fankly I'm lookin' a little pastey thanks to these movies!  Check out the trailer below and see what I'm talking about.  Meanwhile, I'm going to try to peel myself away and get some sun.

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