Maverick Men: Training Gio Cherry POP

by CockFight
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Training Gio: How To Fuck An Italian Stallion

If you've not yet experienced Maverick Men, it is just that; An Experience.  This uber-horny couple has been running all over the place with their camera shooting naturally hot guys from all over and they have a pretty big following of fans that love the rawness of their style and the guys they find!

This 19 year old ACTUAL Virgin has been a fan of the Maverick Men for years and wanted them to be the first to pop his cherry and boy HOWDY did they ever pop it!  This kid had no idea what he was doing, a true virgin and it is absolutely adorable.  They taught him everything a first timer needs to know and he was especially fond of eating ass...which we love him for!  He wanted it rough, and rough is what he got!  Both of them fuck Gio until they can't take it anymore and just have to deliver his CUM laude degree all over his face.  Congrats Gio on that outstanding ass and your cherry pop.  Me thinks you might have a future in this here porn industry.


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