Occupy My Throat

by CockFight
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Occupy My Throat

I have to give DBV credit where credit is due for scooping this, lol.  You've got two guys actively protesting in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement in Oakland and guess who brought a camera for their tent.  I mean, why not take a break from non-violent protesting to get your dick sucked?!  Makes sense to me!  Gotta keep your spirits up in the wake of all that police brutality, right?!  That's what I said.

It starts off innocently enough, a chance encounter while on a smoke break and they decide that pole smoking sounds like a way better idea so they sneak back to a tent begin the twink cock-sucking-fest of #OWS.


I'm loving the redhead's hair both the curtains and the drapes!  The red curls and his pretty eyes.  I love watching their pale soft skin rub against eachother while they suck eachother off.  You can still hear other Occupiers in the background so the doing dirty things in public fetish kicks in big time and it's so HOT!  I think that DBV put it best when they said, "Support Occupy Wall Street. Pitch A Tent!".

CLICK HERE to see the video!


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