English Lads: Darious,Dan and Dan Broughton

by CockFight
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Dan James, Darious Fernand and Dan Broughton

My Seasonal English guy fetish has arrived.  After watching all those Harry Potter movies for the holidays I'm now craving pale foreskinned lads and English Lads does a damn good job satiating my cravings.  I like watching English men together and Dan James has a pretty hot ASS for an english guy.  I don't know if it's the sqats or just some good Brazili-genes in there somewhere but his bubblicious but doesn't get revealed until they start trying to determine who has the harier bum (hehehe...bum).

Straight Dan James doesn't appear to be too fond at first of two guys fondling him, but watching the nervous anticipation turn into lust is priceless and it makes me want more!  His stills are gorgeous and I can't wait until they actually talk him into fucking someone...cuz you know it's only a matter of time.  Good thing there are plently of other horny fuckers on there like Darious!  This guy is ADORABLE and loves to fuck.  He's got quite a few hot scene partners that have been keeping me busy like Justin Harris...mmmm.

Dan looks like he could do really well in American Porn with just a little extra muscle added.  The boyish grin is irresistible and watching him with Jay Hall is OHHH so hot.  I'll be bringing you some more English Lads because they are just DElicious.

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