Morning Sex: Austin Zane

by CockFight
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Morning Sex

Can't get enough of these two!  I REALLY adored this scene because it's not only typical Austin Zane antics, but I basically already fantasized about this  several times and it's even better when they do it!  Austin moseys into the kitchen for breakfast and decides that he would rather have Zane's hole know, to work up an appetite!  I adore Austin's

 simple toned frame and Zane wearing nothing but a hoodie is adorable.  These two know eachother so well that we don't have to suffer through stiff scripted dialogue between two guys who barely know each other, but instead the natural feel of the scene lends to the hotness of knowing that this probably already happened and they decided "hey, let's shoot that!"  Austin throwing Zane on top of the counter to suck his cock like a champ, hey, who needs sausage after that?!

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