Carter Jacobs and Benny G: OnTheHunt

by Cockfight
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Carter Jacobs and Benny G Flip!

Versatile fuckers YAA!!  So it's un-officially become flip fuck week at NickYoungXXX and that is just fine by me.  I'm pretty over watching guys that don't want to fuck each other and these two just cannot seem to get enough of one another!  They've appeared together at FraternityX as well, which is another place I love to go to see hot sloppy drunken frat boy sex at it's finest. There's something about Carter that just makes my dick hard instantly.  I don't know if it's the hair or the eyes or maybe he reminds me of someone but whatever it is, it's instinctual and all I wanna do is fuck every time I see him.

Benny G might as well be (and I think probably is) rolling on Extacy the way he curls up to Jacob like a cum hungry kitten and Jacob readily toys with him before ripping off his own shirt and Benny's clothes and fucking him before sitting on Benny's cock and riding it all the way home.



CLICK HERE To See Carter Jacobs and Benny G At FraternityX

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