Endless Summer Sex! Kyler Ash, Kyle Ross and Jake Tyler

by TwinkyEater
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Endless Summer Threesome Twink Sandwich

I love a well executed twink threesome and Helix Studios is just so freakin' good at making them!  They starts off on the beach, sun kissed hair and naked beachwalking, then they move inside and begin to fuck Kyle Ross. Jake Tyler decides that one tight ass just isn't enough and he comes up behind Kyler Ash and fucks him while he's fucking Kyle Ross and it's hot as fuck to watch!  Ross just can't get enough of getting fucked and when they all need to blow their loads it gets sprayed all over him and it's sexy as hell!  The Kylers have fucked before and I never get enough of watching it.  Ross has been a deliciously slutty bottom all summer and I can't wait to see what Helix has in store for the fall!




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