Jordano Santoro & Jake Jammer - CockSure Men

by Aaron Shepard
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Jordano Santoro Jake Jammer CockSure Men Latin Tattoos Muscle Hung

Jordan Santoro and Jake Jammer turn up the heat in this week's update at CockSure Men.  The two start things off with some intense kissing, but this quickly escalates and the shirts come flying off.  Jake's hands explore Jordano's muscled body as they kiss until finally arriving to his plump ass.  A quick spank and the clothes are no longer of use.  Jordano wastes no time in sliding Jake's thick cock into his mouth; savoring every inch as he sucks on it.  Jake shall not be outdone, though, and delivers a spectacular blowjob.  But the real action has yet to even start.

Jordano Santoro Jake Jammer CockSure Men Latin Tattoos Muscle Hung

Jake flips Jordano onto his knees and preps his tight hole with his tongue; Jordano moaning in ecstasy with each flick of Jake's tongue.  Soon enough, Jake is fucking Jordano on all fours with his big cock!  He buries his cock harder with each stroke, Jordano moaning louder and louder each time.  Jordano takes control and mounts Jake's huge cock, giving him a ride he won't soon forget.  Once Jake gets him on his back though, it's game over for the both of them.  They both shoot huge loads onto Jordano's tight abs, which Jake quickly licks up before sharing a sloopy kiss!


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