Militia: Heath Jordan & Shawn Wolfe - Falcon

by Aaron Shepard
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Heath Jordan Shawn Wolfe Falcon Militia Military Hairy

Burly Heath Jordan has got Shawn Wolfe caught in a bear hug, but Shaw is offering no resistance.  In fact, he tears the shirt off Heath's furry, burly torso, then reaches around to grab a muscled bun in each hand.  Heath untangles his tongue from Shawns and eases his way down - along Shawn's neck, nipples, pleasure trail and down his hard cock.  The long, deep suction of Heath's mouth leaves Shawn's thick dick slick and glistening.  He returns the favor by tongue fucking Heath's muscled ass.

The straps of Heath's black jockstrap fram the pale globes of his ass with his hole as the focal point.  Shawn uses the waistband as a grip to pull him further onto his thick cock.  The two switch to missionary where we see just how much Heath is enjoying Shawn's big dick.  With their bodies straining, muscles taut and bulgin, sweat popping out on their skin, the two cum.  Heath unloading on his abs and Shawn covering Heath's beard and chest.

Heath Jordan Shawn Wolfe Falcon Militia Military Hairy

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