Headhunting (Chapter 4): Lucas Fox, Leo Domenico, & Toby Dutch - Kristen Bjorn

by Aaron Shepard
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Lucas Fox Leo Domenico Toby Dutch Kristen Bjorn Headhunting Threeway

Toby, Lucas, and Leo are led into a room naked and presented with their Professional Competence Test.  Leo is pushed down onto the sofa and Toby forces his hard cock into Leo's tight ass with only a small amount of spit as lube.  While Leo is adjusting to the hard cock in his ass, Lucas shoves his dark cock into Leo's mouth and begins to face fuck him.  Toby pounds away at Leo's ass, who is begging for more with each stoke.

Toby wants the spotlight though and it's Lucas' turn to bury his cock deep into a tight hole.  Leo fills Toby's mouth with his thick cock, something Toby is certainly not opposed to.  With his incredibly oral skills, Toby brings Leo to the boiling point as he covers Toby's face with his thick load.  Toby does just the right thing and sucks the last remaining drops straight from Leo's drenched cock.

Leo then opens his wet hole one more time for Lucas .  Lucas pounds away as Leo begs for more.  Lucas holds out as long as he can but is soon shooting his huge load all over Leo's balls, abs, and chest.  Toby was so turned on by the sites that he lets another load fly all over Leo as well.  I think they may have passed the test.

Lucas Fox Leo Domenico Toby Dutch Kristen Bjorn Headhunting Threeway



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