Plays Together: Lance Luciano, Liam Magnuson, & Darius Ferdynand - Falcon

by Aaron Shepard
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 Lance Luciano Liam Magnuson Darius Ferdynand Falcon Plays Together Massage

For Liam Magnuson, being a masseur is about flesh contact.  Darius Ferdynand is on his table and Darius' rippling muscles beg to be touched.  Drizzling oil onto Darius, Liam massages a leg, starting with the foot.  Reaching the tight, he oils Darius' crack, spreading the buns to massage his balls and taint.  Then Liam drives his tongue into the hole.  Darius comes to life.  He pulls Liam forward to suck him while Liam jackhammers his hole with a finger.

Liam climbs on the table and mounts Darius like a beast, sliding his tongue between Darius' lips as he enters him.  Darius arches his spine and rears back.  Now he takes charge, straddling Liam's waist to fuck his face.  Darius' ass finds Liam's cock again, exploiting his position to ensure his prostate is pounded from every angle.  His balls slap Liam's hard stomach and his toes grip the table.

Lance Luciano is showering in the next room and the sound of fucking makes his cock throb.  He emerges to watch standing just outside the door, massaging his jutting pecs and masturbating.  He climaxes on the floor while Darius and Liam coat each other's torsos!

Lance Luciano Liam Magnuson Darius Ferdynand Falcon Plays Together Massage

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