Headhunting (Chapter 6): Leo Domenico, Lucas Fox, Joe Gunner, Toby Dutch, & Geoffrey Paine - Kristen Bjorn

by Aaron Shepard
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Leo Domenico Lucas Fox Joe Gunner Toby Dutch Geoffrey Paine Kristen Bjorn Headhunting Orgy

Toby, Leo, and Lucas are all interviewing for a new career.  Geoffrey has been conducting this extraordinary interview process and now takes it to a very competitive level.  The next level is to test Group Dynamics - Leadership, Guidance, Flexibility, and Team Work.  Our interviews test the guys in their abilities to suck cock.  Are they capable of taking guidance on how to suck a huge cock, are they flexible enough to swallow it all, do they take the lead in the group, and do they work together on sucking huge cocks?

Lucas moves into position to showcase all of his skills at once.  Leo thrusts his dripping cock deep into Lucas' ass while Toby fucks his hungry mouth.  Joe steps in and begins to eat Leo's hot ass before he begins punch fucking Lucas with his steel rod.  Geoffrey also moves into position and fucks Lucas' mouth while sucking away at Leo's throbbing cock.  Geoffrey and Joe switch it up and Joe pounds his wet cock into Leo's hungry hole while Geoffrey fucks away at Lucas' dripping wet hole.

Toby steps up and forces his cock into Lucas' hot mouth.  Toby, Lucas, and Leo then stand over their interviewers and begin ripping off their pent up loads.  Toby is the first to shoot his creamy load all over Joe, quickly followed by Lucas with his mushroom head swelled to full capacity as he unleashes his milky load then Leo slams his load out and onto Joe as well.  Geoffrey's balls are drawn up so tight and ready to explode his huge load as Joe looks on with his head and body dripping in cum he erupts a geyser that shoots straight into the air.  Geoffrey is left with a difficult decision, all the candidates have proven themselves worthy, but which one stands out amongst the three?

Leo Domenico Lucas Fox Joe Gunner Toby Dutch Geoffrey Paine Kristen Bjorn Headhunting Orgy


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