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by Aaron Shepard
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Chris Harder Levi Karter Dillon Rossi Bravo Delta CockyBoys Answered Prayers The Bully Hung Bondage

"Sebastian Caine has been living a double life - by day he is a tightly wound TV pundit preaching anti-gay conservative rhetoric, and by night he's doing booty bumps and sucking cock with his personal masseur.  If there was only one word to describe Sebastian Caine, it would be 'hypocrite.'

Unbeknownst to him, he is also the next pawn in an epic rivalry between the mysterious demigods and brothers Jinks and Moloch.  Caine's pointed remarks on a news broadcast help feed the fear mongering that gives Moloch so much of his power, while the well-meaning Jinks grows weaker as hope and possibility start to fade from the hearts of man... until he summons his three sons, the Sons of Chaos, all in hopes of fighting another battle.

Puck, Luck, and Abel are an eccentric trio of brothers - playful in spirit, mischievous in nature, and wild at heart.  They at times lack discipline, but when focused, their power is unmistakable.  And Sebastian Caine's double life, hypocrisy, and manipulation have now gotten him a one-way ticket to their reality.  They use Caine's sexual lust and desires (which include rope, tape, and even saran wrap) for greater purpose, all the while exposing him as a master of lies.  But whether or not Caine will continue to live a lie is a decision only he can make once the Sons of Chaos are through with him.

Beautifully shot and edited, The Bully is the third part of Jake Jaxson's six-part miniseries Answered Prayers, a 21st century morality play that explores the inner workings of everyday human archetypes and the fears that haunt them."

 Chris Harder Levi Karter Dillon Rossi Bravo Delta CockyBoys Answered Prayers The Bully Hung Bondage


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