Skins: Birthday Cake - Sergi Lopez, Cody Banx, & Karl Lion - Kristen Bjorn

by Aaron Shepard
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Kristen Bjorn Skins Birthday Cake Sergi Rodriguez Cody Banx Karl Lion

Cody is heading home with a special treat for his lover on his birthday.  Karl is at home listening to music, when Cody arrives and presents him with his birthday cake.  As Cody lights the candle, he tells Karl to “make a wish."  When Karl opens his eyes his fantasy man is standing in front of him dressed with nothing but a jockstrap and a smile.  As he is Karl’s fantasy man, Karl is the first to taste all of Sergi’s manliness, but with all birthday gifts there is pleasure in both giving and receiving. 

Sergi receives the gift of Karl’s hot, long, curved cock forcing its way deeper and deeper down his hungry throat.  As Sergi gives Karl the pleasure of his moist lips and salivating tongue, Cody jumps in and shows Karl how much he loves to give the gift of pleasure as well.  He takes Karl’s cock perfectly down his throat.  Soon everything turns into a cock sucking frenzy with everyone sucking everyone’s cock and every throat being stretched and tested to its limits.  

Sergi is then put on all 4’s and every orifice is pummeled and pleasured.  Karl feeds his perfectly shaped throat fucking cock down Sergi’s gullet as Cody pounds away at his smooth bare hole.  Cody then squats down over Karl’s cock and opens his ass wide to accommodate that huge cock; taking it for a wild and raw ride.  Karl flips Sergi onto his back and rams his cock in and out, until thrashing it completely inside of him.  Cody feeds Karl his cock and Karl sucks on that hard cock as he fucks Sergi’s moist, tight ass.  With all the hot action, Karl is catapulted into an orgasm that creams Sergi’s smooth balls ass with cum.  Sergi blows his thick load all over his furry abs and opens his mouth wide as Cody erupts his sweet juice. 

Karl’s wish did come true, he got both his fantasy man and his fantasy lover all for his birthday pleasure.

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