Show Off: Justin Owen & Sean Ford Helix Studios

by Aaron Shepard
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Helix Studios Show Off Justin Owen Sean Ford

If you're going to make an ass-play video, it has to be done with a spectacular ass.  Thankfully, Sean Ford looks like a gay scientist obsessed with perfection created him in a lab. With his flawless caramel complexion that’s probably never ever had a blemish of any kind, complemented by his naturally red full lips, and an ass so smooth and round he truly is the epitome of perfection.

The guys at Helix sent hunky Justin Owen in to absolutely WRECK Sean's hole in the HOTTEST ways imaginable.  Justin takes off Sean’s shorts revealing the sexiest black jock strap hugging his hairless hiney.  It's as if the gates of Heaven have opened beckoning all good things inside.  Starting off with a finger, Justin expertly works his way in.  He adds another finger, and then a good-sized lubed up dildo so it slides right in.  Justin's biceps bulge as he pulls out, scoops up the lube that’s dripping out of Ford's hot hole and shoves it back inside.  Ever a giver, Justin asks Sean if he's ready for an upgrade and pulls out an even BIGGER toy.  He plows the kid’s hole hard making the entire piece disappear into Sean's warm ass.  When Justin takes Sean's cock into his mouth he matches his deep throat rhythm with his deep dildo thrust.  The toys have been amazing but Sean is ready for the real thing.

Already rock hard, Justin jams his dick deep in Sean's glistening pink hole.  Sean whips his cock out and jacks his hammer for a minute but Owen's got other ideas and picks the boy up, carries him across the room, slams him up against the wall, and just fucks the shit out of him!  Every muscle ripples as the boys bang against the wall.  And WHAT an ass on Justin Owen!  Justin whips his bottom's jock strap off and fucks him doggy style before expertly navigating himself around to finish all over Sean's beautiful face.  Most of his love juice gets in Sean's mouth, but what he over shoots he laps up with his fingers and eats it himself before the pair end in a dog pile of sweet sweat and a wet make out session.


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