Sam & Teo: RAW ChaosMen

by Aaron Shepard
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ChaosMen Sam Teo RAW

Instead of a blow-by-blow of what happens in this video, I thought I would give you some behind the scenes backstory.

Teo is straight, but his girlfriend also does porn, and on a couple occasions, she has invited a guy to come play with them.  She always insists Teo play with the other guy, and he has had only a couple chances to suck dick back.  That led him to tell the guys at ChaosMen that he was more skilled at sucking cock.  To them that didn’t sound like a lot of practice, but whatever extra training he could do, they were not going to diminish.

Overall, though, he sticks to women.  He has sent the guys at ChaosMen dozens of referrals, most of which are his friends and most were NOT porn ready.  The guys figured Teo was just too straight to even pick out a handsome dude.  But then he sends guys like his best friend, Skot and a few others, and it seemed to redeem his judgment of guys.

For this shoot, he walked in and jokingly said, who was standing there with us, "When you going to get some hot guys for me to have sex with?"  Sam was taken aback, mainly because Teo cracks jokes non-stop, so he had no idea that Teo was in fact complimenting him.

Teo quickly realized that Sam didn't realize he was joking and immediately gushed about how handsome he was, and how great his body was.  From his square cut jaw to Sam's amazing lats, Teo was impressed… Nice recovery Teo!

But the compliments continued throughout the shoot.  Teo had broken his leg a while back and has been working really hard to get back to a great fitness level.  The guys at ChaosMen think seeing Sam's lean muscle build and broad shoulders, Teo was envious and, perhaps, attracted to Sam.

Given that context, you can tell Teo is way into Sam in this video.  That energy could be attributed to body worship, but I think the guys at ChaosMen found a guy that Teo would take home to meet his girlfriend.  He also had a few moments when getting fucked that he had to stop or risk cumming.

Sam likes to bottom, and I think that makes him a great top.  He doesn't fuck like a porn star, but he fucks like someone who is trying to angle his cock to stimulate his partner's prostate.  He knows where to zero in, because he knows where his own trigger spot is.  Unfortunately with Teo's leg still giving him problems, he just could not maintain a position to get fucked AND cum.  So Teo fucks the cum out of Sam, then breeds his hole.

So what do you guys think?  Does Teo have a man-crush on Sam?

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