Rebel & Sky: Serviced ChaosMen

by Aaron Shepard
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ChaosMen Rebel Sky Serviced

Rebel was down to get his cock sucked, and he really wants to do full-on-sex videos, but he knew he had a lot of limits to overcome first. 

So instead of the traditional Serviced video – where a guy just lies there and gets head – ChaosMen set this up as a side-by-side jerk-off.  They often utilize this scenario when they feel the new guy may try to suck back.  Unfortunately, that was not the case here.  Rebel remains a little awkward throughout the video; granted he is interested in Sky's cock, though.

With that being said, Sky definitely leads the way through this shoot, moving Rebel about and encouraging him to play with his cock.  Rebel does stroke Sky’s cock and even helps him jerk their cocks together, but he has all the reactions of someone really working through their limits.  On the bright side, he does easily nut all over Sky's face.

Those of you who like the traditional "Guy's First Time," will love this video though, as you can clearly see Rebel is very new to all of this.

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