Sex Men: That Men Have Jose Quevedo & Xavi Duran Kristen Bjorn

by Aaron Shepard
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Kristen Bjorn Sex Men That Men Have Jose Quevedo Xavi Duran Bareback

Xavi Duran is walking down the street when he sees that there is a hot guy located very close to him.  Could it be the handsome Jose Quevedo who is in that same area?  Just so happens that Jose is standing in front of Xavi’s building and gets an invitation up.

As the two muscle daddies begin to strip each other we get to gaze upon their magnificent, muscular bodies covered in varying amounts of hair and full beards.  As their mouths collide in passion and their tongues dart out for more pleasure the hair of their beards meld into one and their cocks become more and more engorged.  Xavi takes the bulbous head of Jose’s hard cock into his mouth and across his wet tongue.  Jose quivers as the incredible sensation from his cock shoots throughout his entire body.  Xavi knows that he has edged Jose far enough at this point and positions himself so that Jose can pleasure them both.  Jose is eager to wrap his full lips around Xavi’s beefy uncut cock.  Jose is motivated by the challenge of such a huge cock and proves that he is fully capable of taking this one balls deep.  Xavi relishes in the fact that Jose is such an expert cock sucker that he takes him by the head and begins driving him down hard on his cock. 

Xavi now feels that he too has come close to the edge and flips Jose and begins devouring his hot pink ass.  Jose flips to all fours and Xavi drives his huge, raw cock deep into Jose’s hungry hole.  Xavi’s fucking has brought both men close to the edge once again, so he has Jose squat down on his cock.  This gives Jose the pleasure of controlling the fucking, grinding his hairy ass against Xavi as he slithers up and down that mighty cock.  Jose lays on his back and spreads his legs open as Xavi forces his fat cock into his ass.  It takes no time for Xavi to find his stride and forces Jose to shoot his thick load of cum.  Xavi loves the sight and sensation of Jose exploding his hot load that it triggers Xavi to cream Jose’s hairy hole with his milky load.  Xavi then shoves his fat, cum slicked cock back into Jose drenched ass.

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