Earthbound Heaven to Hell 2 (Scene 5): Johnny V & Andre Donovan Falcon Studios

by Aaron Shepard
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Falcon Studios Earthbound Heaven to Hell 2 Scene 5 Johnny V Andre Donovan

The Devil's Dark Angels have been sent to a sinful nightclub to capture and return Rogue, who abandoned their master.  In his quest for information, one of the Devil's Dark Angels, Andre Donovan, encounters a bar patron, Barfly (Johnny V).  After learning what he needs to know, Andre decides to have some fun with Barfly.

A single kiss snowballs into writhing and groping, which then turns into Barfly sucking Andre's massive cock.  Moistening his fingers with spit, Andre probes Barfly's hungry hole, eager to sample its pleasures.  Spreading Barfly's ass wide, Andre dives in tongue first and delivers a frantic rim job.  Removing all his clothing, Andre slaps his huge cock across Barfly's ass, and then presses it inside.  As sweat glistens on their bodies, Andre picks up speed, pounding the hell out of Barfly.  After doing it doggy style, Andre positions Barfly in a seated position, using gravity to bounce him up and down.  Barfly's huge balls flop up and down as he rides Andre's thick fuck stick.  

When he climaxes, Barfly shoots a hot, white load across Andre's muscular thighs.  Kneeling before Andre, Barfly eagerly licks the Dark Angel's cock and balls.  His reward is a blast of cum to the face, and he gratefully uses his tongue to clean Andre's throbbing cock.

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