The Private Life Of Brandon Manilow

by Angel Benton
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Hey everyone, Angel Benton here! You may know me from my blog (, my YouTube interviews with porn stars, or even the interview I did right here with Scotty B. and my best friend Brandon Baker.  Well, I had so much fun then that when Nick asked me to do movie reviews for his site, I couldn't resist!  The first review I will be bringing you is:


The Private Life of Brandon Manilow
Bel Ami

Brandon is one of the most popular models over at Bel Ami and he makes a perfect choice for the second "Private Life Of..." collection. (Tim Hamilton, who now films for Falcon International, was the first.) This movie has 7 scenes, all of which are introduced by the stunningly gorgeous and charming Mr.Manilow himself. The intros feature cameo appearances from Lukas Ridgeston and Brandon's real-life lover Alex Orioli. In fact, at the very beginning of the video they both address the criticism they caused when they filmed the very first bareback scene for, which at the time was quite controversial.

The scenes themselves are amazing, but for many different reasons, not just Brandon's beauty and sexual prowess. For example, in a scene with Roman Prada, Brandon shows what a consummate professional he is. Although Roman (in his very first on-camera outing) spends most of the scene with his eyes closed, relatively disconnected from his scene partner, Brandon continues to try and engage him and keeps a playful attitude throughout the whole scene. Even scenes like behind-the-scenes footage of a photo shoot featuring Brandon, Tommy Hansen, and Sascha Chaykin, although there is no sexual activity (not even any hard-ons), are worth it because they are so stunningly shot.

In short, if you are a fan of Brandon Manilow, this video is a must-have, especially since the word on the street is that he is now retired. Say it isn't so Brandon!


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