Introducing Jack Donovan: Josh Brady & Jack Donovan Helix Studios

by Aaron Shepard
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Helix Studios Introducing Jack Donovan Josh Brady Bareback

"Introducing…" is Helix Studios’ sexy new series that allows you to get to know their newbies inside and out, LITERALLY!

New boy, Jack Donovan is one lucky guy getting initiated into the Helix family by hunky Josh Brady!  Before the ultra erotic encounter goes down, the boys dig deep with probing questions about how Jack's BF feels seeing his significant other being banged on screen.  Donovan turns the tables and tests Brady about HIS porny past as well, blowing all our dirty little minds, among other things!  We find out Jack's favorite fantasy is group sex, including dirty dorm room deeds.  We'll definitely look forward to that in he future!

Nature takes it's course and Brady takes the new boy to the bedroom.  Our hunk welcomes Jack's jock with a wet mouth and a balls deep blowjob.  Already cocky and comfortable with the camera, Donovan is a dick-licking marvel.  He goes between Brady's bone and handsome face, worshipping both equally before planting his ass on Josh's fuckable face.  Brady wants to get deeper and orders the boy on his back, legs in the air and then goes to tongue fucking town on Jack's hungry hole.  Josh slides his hands, rough from working out inside the boy's butt, then offers him a seat on his hard cock.  Jack jumps at the chance, then bounces his beautifully round, smooth booty down bareback till it's completely full of cock.  Brady flips the cock control and gets Jack on his back.  He piledrives his raw rod hard and deep, making sure our newbie gets the full treatment.  Donovan enjoys every thrust, allowing his perfectly proportioned, rock hard cock to sway a bit before grabbing it as it's about to go off!  Pretty boy shoots a nasty nut all the way up to his neck, causing Josh to aim for the fences too!  Well, more like the FACE!  Brady's fills his conquest's mouth, and then kisses the kid full on the lips, enjoying the taste of his own hard work.

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