Boyd & Roman: Serviced ChaosMen

by Aaron Shepard
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ChaosMen Boyd Roman Serviced

I think there are four cum shots in this video…

Boyd had mentioned he likes to be in charge, when working with guys smaller than him.  He gets off on pleasing bigger guys, but wants to be serviced by smaller guys.  Turns out, that Roman really likes furry daddy-types, so ChaosMen had one of those moments when random guys lined-up perfectly. 

Roman does a great job sucking Boyd’s cock.  At one point, Boyd even came a little without saying anything!  It was fairly early in the video, but there is clearly cum oozing down the side of his cock as Roman continues to work on it. 

Boyd started to get interested in seeing Roman’s cock, even going so far as to use his foot to play with it through his shorts.  So… Roman peeled-off his shorts and got into a position to let Boyd suck and jerk his fat cock. 

Roman then gets Boyd doggie-style and eats his ass out.  Boyd loved it! 

With Boyd having already partly ejaculated, though, he knew he might have to stroke his own cock aggressively to get that second nut out.  Roman and him jerk their cocks together, racing to nut. 

Roman partially cums and lets it slowly drop onto Boyd’s cock.  Boyd uses the cum as lube, which makes his own cock explode.  Roman then cums again!  Busting an even bigger nut onto Boyd’s cock.

The two kiss before Roman licks up all the cum and sweat from Boyd’s body.  Finally, he sucks the last bit of cum from Boyd’s musky, spent cock.

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