Road Trip Part III: Yosemite

by Angel Benton
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Road Trip Part III: Yosemite

So let's recap shall we? Volume 1 of the Road Trip series from Jocks (Russian River) was a great reinvention of the Jocks line, but Volume 2 (Santa Cruz) was a little bit of a step backward. Thankfully Yosemite is a HUGE improvement over BOTH previous volumes. At the beginning of the video, when all 7 boys are in the RV on their way to Yosemite, the director asks which ones are tops and which ones are bottoms. Nathan Sommers proclaims that he is a top, then adds, "Nothing is going in MY ass!" That struck me as sort of hilarious because Nathan Sommers is most famous for sticking a water bottle up his ass on CockyBoys!

The first scene is on the RV and is a three-way between Trystian Sweet (Famous for his work with Helix, Citiboyz, Buckshot, and Channel 1), Kyle Pierce (Who has worked with Hot House), and GORGEOUS boxcover boy Austin Kent. After all three engage in oral action, Trystian pounds Kyle into oblivion. Whereas it can be disconcerting when models are too quiet during sex, Trystian is the polar opposite. He is SO vocal that it is distracting, only because he keeps repeating the same things over and over and over again.

Scene 2 is between Bosco Blu and Landon Cruise, who fuck outdoors. Despite the fact that they only fuck in one position, there is obvious chemistry between the two, as evidenced by Landon's rock-hard erection whilst being plowed.

Scene three is the obligatory 5-man orgy featuring Trystian, Austin, Kyle, Nathan, and Ago Viara. However, it soon turns into a spectacular 7-man orgy when Bosco and Landon return from fucking, ready to go again. This scene is full of hot fucking, but when Austin lays down to have the other 6 cum on him bukkake-style, only Nathan, Landon, Trystian, and Kyle climax.

Scene 4 is Nathan and Ago (who went on to shoot for Hot House and Titan). Nathan starts sucking Ago's cock right away. After Ago returns the favor, Nathan fucks the hell out of Ago, with just the right amount of dirty talk. The improvements in this installment over the previous two are: better lighting, better camera work, music underscoring each scene, TONS of footage of Yosemite, and more boys! The only disappointment is the boxcover stud Austin Kent. He proclaims to be a top in the opening interview, but we never see him top OR bottom (or even CUM!) in either his 3-way or the orgy. He is stunningly beautiful, so I hope that he gets another opportunity to strut his stuff somewhere else.

All in all, Yosemite is the best Road Trip thus far.

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