He's So Big

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hes_so_big.jpgHe's So Big
Blue Pictures

Over the next few weeks I will be reviewing a new line of cinema called Blue Pictures.

"What is Blue Pictures?" you're asking? Yup, that's what I said. The first of the four films I received in the mail was called He's So Big. Corny name right? Yup, that's what I said, however I had to try it out and verify for Nick Young how corny the movie was... well, I was sorta wrong.

While He's So Big, showcases some guys that aren't my taste, Raul, the star of this film is my taste - Yummy! All taking place in a night club, Raul is shown dancing for the crowd, invites a guy up on stage and then proceeds to fuck the shit out of him. The cute little bottom boy never even has a chance to get his uncut cock rock hard, instead Raul slides into him and does fuck the living shit out of him. Throughout the entire scene the bottom is balancing between pleasure and pain, at one point the moaning gets so intense the producers cover it up with music. The scene is actually hot and got me going (know what i mean?).

All the scenes feature extremely verbal Brazilian boys which turns us on completely! Often times directors tell models not to be so verbal, especially if the movie will be marketed outside the country they are shooting it in. My opinion: leave the foreign language in - IT'S HOT! The fourth scene takes the cake and also makes this film easily worth the purchase. Imagine a lean Brazilian boy taking a bath. Climbing out of the tub donning suds all over his nice chest and cock he phones up two of his buddies to come over. His buddies: one a masculine, toned twink, while the other is a beefy, muscular, golden browned Brazilian guy with some beautifully placed tattoos on his broad arms. Who is this Adonis that loves oral play, please tell me!? These three waste no time getting naked, rock hard and down to business... dirty business. There are a few more scenes included on this DVD, but as far as I'm concerned the scenes I described are WORTH THE PURCHASE and will keep you coming back for more... I heart verbal Brazilian boys.

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