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by NickYoung
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bad_behavior.jpgBad Behavior
Falcon Studios

What can I say about Bad Behavior. This was probably my favorite movie ever. The memories I most associate with this are one rainy day in Los Angeles I was sitting on the floor in Chi Chi's room, a call came in from John Rutherford and he could not find anyone to replace a "BIG COCK" in the gang bang scene. She looked at me and I must have smiled just right because she said I have the perfect guy here for you; Nick Young! I was immediately cast in the Falcon Film Bad Behavior and within a few days flown off to San Francisco where I would be put up in the Commodore Hotel next to the Nob Hill Theatre, (We can talk about my days and stories from the Nob Hill Later) at this point I am still a good boy. So anyways I arrived ready for the scene that morning nervous to meet John Rutherford and the first thing he asked was to see my cock. I immediately showed him and the smile on his face I will never forget.

I’ll tell you I gave him a performance like I was fucking like I never fucked before! That day was just for John, I will never forget that gorgeous smile of his and to this day I treasure John. I don’t think there’s a genre of film he cannot master. His work always made us look so beautiful and so professional. He was truly one of my top three Directors to work for.

There was such an amazing magic that day, I really cannot tell you. I had many days like that in my life, where everything felt so good and went so well. I also found a medal in my room that day. It was an emblem with a surfer on a board and it said “ride the wave”. It’s funny, I still have that silly medal. The happiest memories I have of San Francisco were working on Bad Behavior and being a Falcon boy before flying back to the freezing cold of the mid west. I really hope the slow-down in porn is only temporary! It would be such a shame if Midwestern boys like myself were not able to still get out of the bread basket and make our way to porn central, travel the world in style, have sex with FUCKING HOT MEN have it all filmed for posterity. It is truly the life and this film was truly one of my favorites, not to mention it had always been one of my fantasies to pound the fuck out of some hot Mormon boy ass!

Okay guys, GO CHECK OUT THIS MOVIE! You’ll love it.


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  • I think have tihs one! - Isn't this the one about guys who are missionaries and each time they knock on a door, they have sex? :-)
    And of course John smiled after seeing your dick! Only an evil person wouldn't smile! Although they should have had you in more scenes. I would say Falcon didn't use you enough but that is jsut me being greedy! :-)

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