Big As They Come 3

by NickYoung
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big_as_they_come.jpgBig As They Come 3
Jocks Studios/Falcon

Big As They Come 3 was a very interesting movie. Jocks was the All American line for Falcon Studios back in the day and I remember models flocked to it and fought tooth and nail to get the attention of anyone who worked at Falcon. I was always so happy and felt so humble whenever I was cast in one of their films. I always knew I was going to be made to look my best. I always worked with the hottest guys and the entire experience would be amazing. John Rutherford, Chi Chi, Bill and the many other amazing people there really made the whole experience.

I particularly remember this film because it was typically rainy in San Francisco when we filmed it. SFO is always rainy but what was weird was that the rain was warm. Maybe it was that Jeremy Jordan had handed out tabs of acid one night and everyone tripped balls but who knows. I remember there was warm rain when we crossed the bay in a boat. I also remember we ate dinner and dessert at a very tasty place on the Castro. One of the great things about San Francisco is the hole in the wall dive restaurants that have been there for eons.

big_as_they_come.jpgThe history that is behind the typical Falcon film is always incredible. We were always shooting in some big stars home or some very private ranch or estate, being young, hung and knowing when to stay quiet you were able to earn quite a bit of money. Too bad many of the boys I watch today don't know what the industry was like back when things were run different and words like video were being thrown around.

big_as_they_come_3.jpgIn this film a Midwestern boy with a huge cock like me gets plowed by the sexy sweet Tasmanian devil Jeremy Jordon. JJ was one of the naughtiest boys I can remember working with and we had many adventures over the years but none so fond as when he crept up behind me and began to plow my ass in this scene. This was not the way the part was obviously written but sometimes things evolve on their own and you just go with it. HOT!! Again this was a crazy weekend in San Francisco.

big_as_they_come_3_1.jpgAfter we filmed the scene Jeremy and I traveled all over the city by bus and foot and had quite an adventure from the Nob Hill, the Rose Park across the Golden Gate and always back to George’s. George always took such good care of us I hope he is still out there following all of this porn craziness, George if you are reading this I miss you. I remember one night at the Nob Hill when I was dancing there, and Jeremy Jordan stopped by with some other peeps...

Shooting Big As They Come 3 was a lot of fun and I worked with some really great guys though it wasn't my best work honestly. But for your Top 10 Nick Young films to have in your collection this one is a definite.

I hope you guys enjoy the movie,


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  • I remember this - I thought it was cute when Jeremy fucked you in this. Completely unexpected. Can't lie though. I wanted Joe to do the same LOL!

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