I Love A Marine

by NickYoung
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i_love_a_marine.jpgI Love A Marine
Regiment Productions

I sure do!  And working with Stonie was great fun. That lucious lil' butt was just so much fun.  Stonie and I got along really well off camera he was one of the sweetest and most down to earth people I met in the Gay Porn Indy.  This guy and I used to love to just sit back relax and have a good time.  This movie is great show case for Stonie and that perfect round ass of his.  I am sure you all realize why he is called Stonie and lets just say that always made him very popular.  It was always 4:20 when Stonie was around and quiet a bit of fun if ya get my meaning.  LOL  Ah to the good ole days.  What I wouldn't give to be running down the street with my old boys Nino Bacci, Stonie, and anyone else from anywhere America who was in LA, silly fun days. 

I wanted to speak a little about working for Paul, Paul Barassi has kind of a bad rap as a Director, cause he is old school and when some boys don't get it, he let's em know.  Well to be honest he has always been one of my favorites, a perfect gentlemen and sweet as pie.   I always have loved working with Paul, something nice about working for a guy whose sexually ambigious and looks like Sean Connery.  

Thanks Paul Stonie and everyone involved in this great flim.  I hope everyone will catch it on DVD/VOD/or Download mmm Download!!

Have a great Day love and Hugs,

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  • Hold on - I'm shocked!!! I thought I knew all of your videos and this one I've never heard of :-)

    You and Stonie? I like that pairing. Sounds hot.

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