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I would give anything to work with Dean Phoenix again. In fact I think if I do another scene it will only be with Dean, Nino or Jason Branch…ok or lots of other guys! I’m not so picky as long as they are hot, but I really want to work with Dean AGAIN! This man has one of the hottest, biggest and yes, most hit you in that spot cocks you can imagine. I loved working with him in this movie.

There was a bit of off camera drama. Dean had a boyfriend who I still adore Colby Taylor, but we were in porn and everyone wanted Dean. It was hard for Co Stars not to fall in love with this taken Stallion. Just look at that sexy man and imagine how many must have just thought “oh if only”... Lord knows I look into Dean’s sexy eyes and see that gorgeous guy I will never forget. Oh by the way, I wasn't in a scene with Dean in this movie. I worked with Cory Summers and we didn't get along so well. The scene was pretty hot anyways though because I wanted to pound the fuck out of that little brat. It was fun, he had to keep running off set because I was too big and he couldn't take it. I started to feel bad but it was just so fun to pound him into submission. I will never forget when Chi Chi came up to me on the set and said “I want you to shove it in him”.

Contrary to my scene with Cory, Nino Bacci and I were always the peace makers in the house trying to get everyone to get along. We just wanted to relax and watch Entertainment Television and comment on all the women’s dresses. Back then, Porn was so full of politics and drama and sometimes you just needed to step away and relax. Getting some of those productions together was like herding cats.

There was some crazy drama that happened on this movie, I won’t say who, but one star we were afraid would never work for Falcon again because he fell out on G during his shoot. WE WERE ALL SO FREAKED OUT. I remember that night they sat us all down and gave us such a talking to about drugs and how they were not welcome from that point forward and what the new rules were, etc. etc. Let me tell you, living in Chi Chi's house is something I would never trade for a second. I learned a lot and had the time of my life but let’s be honest sometime with that many hot boys dripping off the banister there will be drama. So imagine if you dare what went on in the house on Orange Grove.

more juicy stories to come....

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  • Who knew - That you and Summers didn't get along. There's a cute moment when you are making out and you two touch noses. Very sweet.

    I can see why Corey had a tough time....You are big.....If it were me I would have stayed on the set for my "punishment." LOL

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