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Catalina/Channel 1 Releasing

Okay  This is a BLAST FROM THE PAST, this is the film I have been waiting to write about for quite some time.  Directed by Brad Austin Produced by Josh Eliot & Starring Jason Branch Blake Harper and introducing me Nick Young.  Sextortion was a film that really meant a lot for me and for my career.  This was actually my very first real porn movie where a set lights and all the glamor was involved, Bradley Picklesiemer did my make up on this one Mona was there too and they had grips and lights and a wap professional set and everything was as it should be.  It was the height of the industry glitz and glamour galore, I was oh sooo sad to realize these glory days and the perks would soon become memories of the set and known to some of us as the good ole days. 

Remember, my avid fans will know I was in another movie before this I did do the Chi Chi thing called off the streets but that was barely released, also that was just a solo in a hotel room with a video camera no lights no crew, it was true to its genre "Off the Streets"..  Sextortion, was in LA on a movie set and oh so fucking cool.  This was my first MOVIE I was working with an agent at this time named Raul Rodrigquez of JumpStart Casting and Models.  He had everyone in the biz, he later up his ante to repping DJ's and other main streem peeps...  This guy was fun,

I remember back in the good  ole days when Chi Chi, Nino, Cesear and all the guys were repped by Raul, The other big agent at that time I never really got to know was David Forest he was recently consumed by FabScout. I know he repped Jeff Palmer for many years, I knew Jeff way many years ago before he got all the tattoos.  That is a whole other story we will talk about some  other time perhaps.  Tonight lets get back to Sextortion, well this movie was so fucking awesome cause I flew to LA and was put up in the Holloway Roadway Inn motel, Catalina pulls out all the stops, LOL really its wasn't so bad for a boy from the midwest, it sat above an iHop right above Santa Moncia Blouveard so you didn't have to wander far for some hot sex and local action. 

This was quite the city back then I remember shaving my balls in the window of my hotel and someone who just happened to be in the biz was walking by and stopped up to my room to help. I remember I was nervous and thinking what have I gotten myself into. I had seen the photos of Jason Branch who would be my co star and I was very excited what could I say Big manly man with a HUGE fucking cock.  Well when I got to the set let just say I learned  a lot of things that day all so good and Jason was the Perfect PERFECT guy you would want to have your film cherry popped with.  He made my first flm experience so fucking amazing I cannot tell you how much fun we had.  I shot GALLONS of cum in this scene and had so damn much fun making this I cannot remember ever having someone suck my cock so ferociously and so talentedly I knew that day I was going to really like my new chosen profession. Jason has such an amazing cock too and we take turns fucking each other it wasn't supposed to happen this way but like I said, the scene evolved so naturally it was freaky sexy.  I cannot remember many experiences in my career that topped that day.  This guy is one of the Greats, amazing cocksucker, great at fucking and LOVES to get fucked a true sex stud.  Jason baby you were amazing and thanks guys at Catalina will always be where I got my start like so many many of the Greats!!!  Sextortion is a definate must see I hope you will all run out catch this scene with Jason and I very soon.

My Second, scene in this movie was with Dave Casino.  Dave was a hot latino with a HUGE uncut cock.  There was talk of doing an all uncut cock movie on the set when everyone saw all the foreskin in the room when Dave and I dropped our pants.  This was a fun scene it was shot in the house of a soap opera who I did recognizee I wonder if he is still doing daytime.  The scene was great, it was your typcial "Can I check you pipes?"  campy lingo and really hot sex makes for a perfect porn video in my book.  I am glad to have been a part of this great Movie from Director Josh Eliot and Catalina Studios.  Dave and I both sucked each other on and off camera there was LOTS of sucking going on plus I had my first experience as a fluffer, I was helping to keep all the boys on the set hard it was such a fun job to run around sucking everyones cock.  MMM good times!

I look at this movie now a few years later and realize wow how much fun it was to hang out with Bradly and Jason and Blake and all the guys back then, I think there should ge an orgy reunion film of all the hottest hotties from the last decade in porn and see what we get.  I remember making this movie in 1998, that is believe it or not 10 years ago.  FUCK I feel old now.  I am done looking in the mirror okay so I am not so old remember I was barely legal when the movie was made so things are back into perspective. :) 

Okay Scottie B just called and wants me to meet him for a drink who am I to say no, he has some HOT MARINE FRIEND OF HIS IN TOWN, GOTTA RUN.


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