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Studio 2000

Of all the movies I have filmed this is probably one of the MOST memorable. There were so many, "unique" things that happened that I just have to talk about. Starting with my intended costar, the boy you see fucking me like a mad dog in heat, Don London was quite ferocious, and I LOVED IT, but few really know that scene was not filmed as intended. See, what happened was, he was called in last minute because I won’t say who, but another Porn Star with a VERY LARGE cock, was set to fuck me that day. Well, back in those days some of the boys occasionally did a bit too much partying the night before and we all know what can sometimes happen. All the fluffin’ in the world ain’t going to make it hard after its’ been beat to death....

SO, the Director was quick to find me a very sweet and very good sex partner in Don London. The really cool thing about this movie was all the Rolls Royce in this garage. Apparently it was some mechanic who used to work on Rolls Royce cars that we rented the location from. I wonder if he knew what we were filming. Many of you don’t know but this movie was in keeping with the massive success of Studio 2000's legendary Grease Guns; Pistons was set in a Rolls Royce auto body shop where sex and lube, err grease rather, seems to be all over everyone’s hands-and dick, not to mention some tasty bums! It was really quite interesting though let me tell you. The only bathroom on the set was, well let’s not go there....

The shop looked like it hadn't ever been cleaned and it was stacked from floor to ceiling with parts. You want authentic?  Boy, you got 2 feet from something and you were covered in grease, it ended up being a lot of fun though. I had a really great time working on this movie and all the boys starring; Johnny Brosnan, Robert Balint, Roland Dane, Cameron Fox, Richie Fine, David Chelsea, Cody Alexander, Kyle Richards and Don London were all really great to hang out with. Cameron Fox, I used to get such a kick out of this boy. He could fuck like a pro, and was so hot and sweet. Thinking of you Cameron. Here is a quote about the movie from Beef Stroganoff a reviewer from TLA!

"With so much cocksucking and ass-slamming going on, it’s a wonder these mechanics ever get any work done! With its tempting assortment of muscled hotties and its sleek production values, Pistons is a high-octane whack-a-thon that will keep your mighty gearshift quite stiff."  --Beef Stroganoff


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  • Loved - this one! One of my favs. Watch it all the time. You and London are a perfect pair and your face says nothing but enjoyment!

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