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Men Of Odyssey
Okay it is years later so I can say I had no idea why they cast the fat kid for the lead in this movie.  I think it was cause he was sleeping with Jim Steel the Producer, that is something I am proud to say I never had to endure.   The infamous casting couch to land roles.   Well, unless of course you count the time I shot cum across the room into Chi Chi's wig.  Oh the things we used to do.  LOL  Anyways, Echoes attempts to parable, well I have to use a quote to explain it "When Moments In Time Are Gone Forever… When a lover dies, why do memories seem as real as life itself? Is it possible to move on..even if the new lover is the cause of your pain in the first place? These questions echo through the mind." That sounds like something the producers would have said.   Seriously filming this movie was like a week in the twilight zone. The Producer was so into the tubby kid on the set really it seemed we were more collectively working throught his issues than anything.  The best part was he'd take Chi Chi shopping @ Old Navy and he would buy each of them these horrible shirts in every pastel color, great comedy.

In the end Chi Chi pulled together a really good movie all things considered.  I must say this was one of the oddest movies in my videography. Check it out there are some pretty cool special effects for the time. 

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