Top Secret

by NickYoung
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top_secret.jpgTop Secret
Men Of Odyssey

Directed By Jeremy Douglas

I remember filming this movie well. Jeremy Douglas needed another Twinky looking boy that would fit the part of a Euro looking military boy. This movie was filmed in Antelope Valley, California, north off the 405 Freeway way up in bum fuck past Magic Mountain in the middle of nowhere on a ranch where it was 126 degrees in the shade and the buildings on the ranch look like they were right out of The Shining. I swear someone had gone mad there.

We filmed in an old train car with blacked out windows. Just so you are on the same page imagine an old metal train car in the desert in the sun where it is 126 degrees in the shade and they are telling you not to sweat while having sex (right!?). Cory Summers' make-up kept melting off and I felt bad for the guy but the other guys in the scene were getting really annoyed with him and yes he was quite the Diva. I remember driving home after that with the windows rolled down in my car being so happy we had to wrap.

I heard that the next scene they shot until 3 am that night and when all was said and done that it was talked about as one of the hardest porn shoots of all time. And that wasn't even counting the reshoots. I hope it won some awards or something. I just personally cannot stop laughing when I look now at the cover, over how goofy Jack Ryan looks in that way oversized hat. This movie was an experience in the extreme of film making and it was great because I got to work with Jerry Douglas who is a legend and does not do that many movies. Working with Jerry and his crew was a cool experience. I wish my Co-Stars in that scene had been more fun, though the elements of the day did make for a very difficult time getting the scene.

Enjoy Top Secret! It was a hell of a time to make it! HUGS

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  • Not to sweat? - Come on? Was that really a request in the freaking desert? That's funny.

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