King Pin

by Scotty B
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king_pin.jpgKing Pin
Blue Pictures

King Pin by Blue Pictures is another prime example of when bad cover art happens to great porn. Please, please, please do not be fooled by the box cover *sorry Blue Pictures* but the guys in this film are so fucking amazingly brown, lean and uncut it could be served at my next birthday dinner.

Speaking of birthday dinner, this porn centers around a birthday party and from what I gather the guys in the film have a certain *clears throat* different kind of gift to give the 18 year old piece of ass!

After the cake the birthday boy sucks on an uncut cock from a dark brown Brazilian, which is then followed by a threeway between three lean horny guys. From fingers in the ass to tongues in ass, plus every kind of moan and groan, the scene seemingly goes on and on - in a good way.  Just wait until you see the hot tattoo boy get his ass worked and plowed - groan baby groan!!!

In fact if you love threesomes King Pin will be your guilty pleasure. The boys in the pool is hot, except for one of the guys, but isn't there always someone in a threeway that isn't necessarily your cup of tea? Instead check out the abs of the bottom boy in this scene. He gets fucked so hard he is getting an entire abdominal workout and finds it impossible to get his cock hard!

Overall this movie gets  8 uncut inches out of 10. Is it an outstanding film? Eh, no...! Will it do the trick and make you hot, bothered and shoot a load? DEFINITELY!!!!

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