Cuma Sutra

by Scotty B
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Cuma Sutra
Black Scorpion Entertainment

The film Cuma Sutra, by Black Scorpion might not be the studios most nominated film for the GAYVNs this year, nonetheless holds its own with six outstanding nominations.

Playing out like a 'how to make love to your partner,' the movie was shot on location at a yoga retreat in southern Washington - and it translates well. The film stars D.O., Pistol Pete, Zack Randall, Scott Tanner, Brodie Sinclair, Park Wiley, Anthony Marks, Nick Mazzaro, Rocko, and Derek Rivero.

Robbed of a nomination for best cinematography, the first scene is centered around GAVYN nominated actor D.O., Pistol Pete and cinematic sprawling hills. D.O. takes his time with Pistol Pete. Slowly feeding his cock to Pete, then sensually eating his ass and then sliding his thick uncut cock inside Pete for what seems like an eternity. D.O.' s cock finally shoots its load all over the place - if you haven't seen his other movie 'Sex Hiker' by Black Scorpion you'll now know why he was nominated for Best Cum Shot!

Scene Two features one of my favorite porn boys: Zack Randall. Randall and scene partner Derek Rivero are practicing yoga techniques, however Rivero has his eye on Randall, knowing exactly what he wants. Randall retreats to take a bath, scrubbing his body and uncut cock ever so slowly for us to see. After clean, Randall lays on a massage table where Rivero enters the room to massage and then take advantage of Randall’s lean, smooth body. Rivero is the top and Randall is relaxed, laying on his back getting fucked until he shoots his load all over his six-pack abs. 

Back in the fields the guys continue their yoga session. Black Scorpion unleashes a truly memorable oral foursome between Scott Tanner, Park WIley, Pistol Pete and Brian Bodine. Nominated for Best Oral scene, all of these boys are hot and dirty in a old wooden steam room giving each other mouthfuls of cock. Enjoy black on white action? Scott and Brian are so fuckin' hot as they flip-suck each other, both acting as the aggressor... well, not until Scott turns Brian over and starts to hammer away on his juicy black ass! Guess who follows suit? Yup, Park starts to plow Pete's ass! The four of them do not bother to switch positions, instead they go outside for a bit of exhibitionism and a train fuck. To know who fucks who you'll need to watch, but I can guarantee that the scene will last you for weeks!

To conclude the first disc, after the foursome the next logical scene that could be had in a movie with so many hot guys is eight guys sensually learning the technique of yoga in couples with D.O. as their master on a bed watching all of their skills. Kissing, down-dog poses, muscle worship, oral fixation, rimming and fucking fills this scene and with nine guys what more could you ask for? Oh... I could ask for D.O. and Zack Randall fucking - and it happens!!! Zack gets fucked hardcore by D.O. in a striking, memorable position, however the scene is trimmed down extensively and I didn't like that.

So the movie is done but Brodie Sinclair and Rocko weren't in the movie, what the hell? That's why there's a disc two: BONUS SCENES!!! Usually viewers aren't into Bonus Scenes, however these are worth your while, especially since Brodie's solo performance was nominated for a GAYVN - as was Nick Mazzaro's. If you can't get enough of Brodie there's a hot threesome with Rocko and Anthony Marks (which gives us Brodie topping) that dispels any rumors that Brodie is done with man on man action.

Check out Cuma Sutra, it's a must have for 2009!


Best Threesome: Brodie Sinclair, Rocko, Anthony Marks
Best HD Feature: Cuma Sutra - Black Scorpion
Best Oral Scene: Scott Tanner, Brian Bodine, Park Wiley and Pistol Pete
Best Solo Performance: Brodie Sinclair
Best Packaging: Cuma Sutra - Black Scorpion
Best DVD Extras: Cuma Sutra - Black Scorpion


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