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dexter_reese_eyes.jpgDexter Reece And Those Hypnotic Blue Eyes
Maybe this little picture doesn't do them justice but the second I saw those glassy Paul Newman Blues I had to see more and really, he does have a young Paul Newman look and I have a weak spot for the classics!Wink

When I finally got a look at the rest of him I was definitley not disappointed.  Some nice definition for a young first time Porn Star, milky fair skin and a long luscious cock that I could watch him jerk for hours.  Not robbing you of the experience of looking into those baby blues, he keeps them open rather than closed for most of it and the so called novice flirts with that camera like it was his voyeuristic lover who was right there with him.  It was so hot to watch especially for a new guy.  Sometimes the shy thing is cute, but watching a budding Porn God in the making is another story all together.  Bulk up a bit and this guy could definitley go places! 

dexter_reese_1.jpg dexter_reese_2a.jpg dexter_reese_2.jpg

Not sure if he's a straight guy yet or not but he does like a little ass play and he licked his own sweet cum after he was done so the good news is he's well on his way to some hot guy on guy action. Me?  I'll be camping out on the front page every day until it arrives!  I'll keep you posted!

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