Brotherhood Secrets

by Scotty B
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Visconti Triplets: Brotherhood Secrets

Forget the GAVYN's for a minute, let's talk about the newest storm that has taken over the porn industry - The Visconti Triplets.

The future is so bright for Joey, Jimmy and Jason that when they recently flew into San Francisco to attend the Awards show girls and guys alike were clamoring to get a peak/autograph of these boys! Currently the boys have numerous projects in the works including a deal with Fleshjack to develop a toy line coming out this summer centered around their mouths, ass and cocks, plus numerous DVDs - including the GAYVN nominated movie Brotherhood Secrets!

The movie starts out with Jack Dragon photographing the lean triplets with fellow model Mickey. First off, it's amazing how comfortable these brothers are with each other. It's also amazing to witness how infectious their smiles are... just adorable. As the four boys are in the middle of the photo session, other models come in and out while Jack Dragon directs them to see if there is actually a fit - whether he invites the boys in to shoot or denies entry depends on if they're hot enough in Jack's eyes. The triplets are strictly voyeurs while Mickey plays the aggressor. It's rather cute seeing the many expressions of the 3J's (Joey, Joseph and Jimmy). Since they can't speak fluent English it's fun to try and figure out what they're thinking through their cute smiles, eye brow raises and stares at one another - they do say that twins/triplets can read each other’s minds, right?

triplets.jpgA slender but muscled model that is initially denied is determined to make Jack a believer by getting into his limo and showing the heavily tattooed Dragon what a lean young man he is. A verbal Dragon allows the model to suck his uncut cock, while the limo drives around town. The contrast between the two is a bit awkward but still hot as Dragon is the total dominant man in this scene. The scene drags on for way too long while the two suck each other off and Dragon gets his ass rimmed and eaten well. Finally Dragon gets to plunge his cock into his partners hole but at this point we're already bored - will we ever see the Triplets again? Back at the house the models start some action of their own with their own talent pool. While two of the triplets are getting head (sorry I can't tell which one is which - this movie was filmed before two of the there got distinctive tattoos to differentiate them) while the other looks on and jerks on his own cock.

The scene featuring five guys features a train between two of the Triplets; one is a top while the model getting fucked, Mickey, is servicing the other brother. The third Visconti is playing the top role too fucking the other young man on the designer red sofa. The good thing about this scene is that we get to see all three brothers naked in the same room, the bad is that again the scene drags on way too long... luckily I could stare at these boys forever so I didn't quite mind *wink*!!! Another thing is that the boys are constrained to just moaning and groaning, in other movies foreign models are allowed to speak freely and say things in their native language - the 3J's for some reason do not follow this trend.... foreign languages are hot to hear during sex so why not?

tripletsorgy.jpgThe following two scenes are pretty boring so I won't go into them (they don't feature the Triplets) however the final scene of the movie features two of the three brother involved in a foursome in which they get sucked off by one guy taking turns giving them head until they come. The real deal is that the movie is just way too long and wasn't edited enough but totally worth the purchase because it contains some hot models (Jack Dragon) and if you want to see the 3J's naked. This movie serves as a template of what is to come.

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