Just The Sex 2

by Scotty B
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Just The Sex 2
Dirty Bird Pictures

Say what you want about Brent Corrigan and his controversial past but this boy has the ability to put forth award winning Twink films and the looks to hold thousands of gay men captive.

Just the Sex 2 had all the necessary ingredients to win the best GAYVN Twink Film category. Hot boys? Check! Great on-scene chemistry? Check! A good sequence  Tl? Definitely! FYI - both Just the Sex 1 & 2 won the category of Best Twink Film!

Starring Cameron Lane, Curtis Hoffman, Steve Oliver, Jacob Powell, Turk Melrose, Brent Corrigan, and my new favorite Porn Star: Justice McClain.

First off, the reason why Brent's movie won is because his dog is in the opening scene - a non-sexual role of course. And again, say what you want about Brent Corrigan, he is a likable guy. With the pup as Brent's newest friend he and Steve Oliver who almost looks like a skater boy -very hot- have an impromptu Q&A session, though they quickly go from talk to tongue!

Steve Oliver has a smooth body and you can tell that he is working his arms out to get them bigger. Both of the boys seem to be extremely relaxed and comfortable with each other. Brent takes the time to strip Steve down and examine his long cock with his mouth. Brent has oral skills and brings them to the table sucking on Steve’s cock making him moan with excitement. As Steve lays back and gets serviced, Brent strips down and continues on his quest!

The close up shots of the boy’s cocks is pretty unusual - in a good way! Brent climbs over Steve, taking his cock and letting it feel his smooth ass - with no penetration!

The hottest part of the scene is when the two are simultaneously rimming each other - what a position!!!

Scene two has Curtis Hoffman and Cameron Lane getting a little freaky on the living room sofa. The scene lacks the chemistry and intensity needed for believability but the boys give it their all. In my opinion, skip the scene.

Justice McClain and Jacob Powell come back with a silly intro to what becomes a hot scene! Justice, who is my new favorite porn crush is a lean, tatted butch Twink boy with a nice dick. If you wanna see a huge dick just keep watching the scene. Eventually Jacob will pull out his long dick which Justice doesn't mind swallowing. Jacob is not HOT but his dick makes him an attraction to watch - kind of like those boys you see at clubs that are tall and lanky but have humongous cocks!

The boys take a playful approach to getting off, often laughing and exchanging smiles and funny comments in between their sexual escapades. Call me crazy but at first I thought Justice was a straight model. It took him a bit to get hard and even though he got into it eventually he gives off that straight boy vibe - either way he's a total hottie. In fact it wasn't until he stayed down south on Jacob a little longer than expected and finally took Jacobs enormous cock that I decided to classify him as questionable - anyone else wanna weigh in?

Getting to the nitty-gritty of the scene, I love Justice getting his ass pounded (as previous stated) and Jacob’s cum load on Justice's face. We must get this moaning model to Cocktails with the Stars to ask him how the whole experience was... he sure panted, groaned and cursed like it hurt!

Overall the chemistry of this scene makes it not just great but amazing!!!! These boys like each other and have great on-screen chemistry - you must check this scene out!

Brent returns for the next scene with Turk Melrose. Being an older scene (nearly a year old) what makes this scene good is the foreplay. What makes this scene great is *drum roll* the chemistry and their ability to not take the sex so serious and just to have fun - it makes you feel like more of a voyeur and overall it’s a better viewing experience. Wanna know the details of this scene? You gotta buy it and trust me, seeing Brent top Turk is worth the buy in itself!



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