5 Easy Ways To Fuck A Straight Guy

by Cock Fight
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5easyways_straightguy.jpg 5 Easy Ways
To Fuck A Straight Guy
Jet Set Men

Oh this made me giggle! Jet Set Men’s latest release 5 Easy Ways To Fuck A Straight Guy is a how to guide that pokes fun at the notion of how to talk a straight guy in to having sex with a another guy, namely you. It’s a little cliché but in a really fun way! Personally as long as I get to watch Marcus Steele, Patrick Bateman and Adam Campbell fuck and get fucked I don’t care what they talk about!

Baffle him with scientific facts?! Brilliant, as Cody Carter watches Austin Wrigley jack-off. Austin (“straight guy”) sees him but Cody tells him that stopping before he cums is dangerous and bad for his health and he shouldn’t stop. After all Cody is the Med student!...so he offers to help. What a courteous stud he is! Couldn’t we all use some hunky pre-med guy walking in our room to take care of business every time we’re jacking off?! Thank you Chris Steele and John Tegan for my new fantasy of the day!

Get em’ drunk! Of course, and happily we get to see Marcus Steele pound on Mason Alexander while he sucks Ryan Rockford’s throbbing cock. I LOVE that they made the smokin’ hot southern guy gay instead of going with the “Aw shucks, I’m not gay” angle and being a fellow southerner, I found it really fucking hot!

5easy_marcus.jpg     5easy_cody_austin.jpg     5easy_adam_patrick.jpg

My favorite line though is at the end of scene 5 (or #5: Make them think they’re gay) after a marathon fucking of Adam Campbell; Patrick Bateman, the “straight guy” says “I guess I really am gay”, to which Adam Campbell replies, “Naw, you just like having a dick up your ass”. You just have to see it. 5 Easy Ways To Fuck A Straight Guy is infectious, hysterical, fun and really fucking hot!!! Way to keep things interesting Jet Set!



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  • I'm confused - If you fuck a straight guy is he straight anymore? And I've been doing these things for years and they don't work! LOL

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  • James! Trust Me You Are NOT the One Who IS CON?F?SED!?!?! - That'd be the one claiming to be straight after having my bean pole in their plow hole.


    I made little poem so you'd remember.
    8) :'(

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