Big Dick Society II: Dicktimized : Scotty B Reviews Jet Set Men's New Release

by Scotty B
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dicktimized_cover.jpgBig Dick Society: Dicktimized
Reviewed By Scotty B

The tanking economy actually did some good for Trevor Knight and Cort Donovan! In the new movie Big Dick Society: Dicktimized from Jet Set, the two Porn Stars decided to make some extra money by opening up a club for those with big cocks and their admirers.

Trevor and Cort came up with a clever machine called the 'Size-O-Matic,' which either approves or rejects potential customers for the Big Dick Society (BDS). Have a big dick? No problem, you're in. Smaller than average? Pay $20 be a willing and you're in.

Big Dick Society stars Jet Set Exclusives: Marcus Steele & David Dakota, plus Trevor Knight, Cort Donovan, Rod Daily, Austin Grant, Cody Carter, Derrick Long, Cidd Pierce, Slade and Jude Colton.
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The first five minutes will have you hooked. As Trevor tells his infamous tale of how he got his business started you will be dazzled of who they approve and who they deny access!

The first scene shows how Rod Daily got into the BDS. Not being the most endowed young man, Rod simply got in because of his amazing looks and ass! Trevor and Cort have Rod show off his best assets before allowing him to enter the exclusive club to engage in some debauchery.

Walking into a sex party already in progress we're all treated to virtually the entire cast (Marcus Steele, Cody Carter, Derrick Long, David Dakota, Austin Grant) with their cocks out jerking off - HOT! This scene is dedicated to cock suckers everywhere - there's no fucking but plenty of gagging and choking on cocks! The scene ends with seven porn stars nutting all over the floor of the Big Dick Society - a must watch!

Dicktimized is truly an amazing movie. All scenes are superb, however the two outstanding scenes which make the movie a superior flick is Marcus Steele getting fucked on a sling by Cidd Pierce, Cody Carter, Austin Grant. Marcus revealed exclusively to me when filming this film that Cidd's cock was by far the worst/best fuck he had that day and he slept on his stomach that night because of the huge cock in his ass!!!

Finally, Scene 5 is also a testament of how Chris Steele shoots porn as we see Rod Daily get fucked hard by Derrick Long. Exiting the club Rod runs into Derrick stroking outside and immediately starts to suck his long black cock. Eventually ready to take Derricks cock up his ass they fuck in every which way possible and Rod's load is amazing to see shot as his ass pounces up and down on Derricks cock.

If the five scenes on the first disk don't last you long then move onto the second. The second bonus disk contains behind-the-scenes of every scene shot which will turn on any voyeur out there. The second disk also has a 13 minute Fluff Reel giving us some real dick sucking action, plus Glamour Photo Shoots and cast interviews.

Like all great movies Big Dick Society: Dicktimized will have a sequel but we're not sure how Chris Steele will top this movie. My advice is buy this movie and stay tuned, something tells me that Trevor, Cort and Rod will be reprising their roles!

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