Steve Cruz in 'Savage' Scene 1

by Pickles!
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steve_cruz_savage.jpgVideo Sneak Peek
Savage: Scene 1

Featuring Steve Cruz


Muscled boy-dad Steve Cruz from Raging Stallion's award winning film Grunts is featured in a hot stable clip on Raging currently. He shows off his big fat cock for the camera, paying intense attention to his rope around his thick piece of fuckmeat and licks, spits and grunts with ever stroke of his proud appendage.

French stud, Fred Faurtin enters the room and immediately the roles are obvious. On every Raging Stallion set, there is this intensity that drives the men absolutely hog wild! More spitting and hardcore cock sucking takes both Steve Cruz and Fred Faurtin deeper and deeper down into the depths of hardcore perversion and role play.

savage_fred_faurtin.jpgCruz devours Faurtin's fat uncut cock. These two men really fuck each other way before any dicks enter their respective holes. Faurtin keeps the stunning Cruz in complete check and submission. It's obvious that Faurtin wants to fuck Cruz's sweet bubble but. After some prodding and poking, Faurtin replaces his finger with his French fuck stick, first teasing Cruz's crack with his girth and firmness.

It's not too long before Cruz gets exactly what he wanted when Faurtin drips some lube onto his cock and places it right where it should be... up Cruz's hot inviting hole. Faurtin pounds in deep his dick inciting moaning and more grunting from Cruz. Faurtin keeps a steady pace fucking the delicious Cruz. Cruz's leather harness provides a perfect rein for Faurtin's anal devistation.

Furry Cruz is a professional. He defines what the ultimate bottom cub is to the tea. His perfectly chiseled chops and deep dark eyes beautifully add to his masculinity and sexiness. The basement always provides many places and alternatives for fucking your boy or daddy. Faurtin gets plenty of use out of the equipment in the basement as well as Steve Cruz's ass.



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