Auditions 19

by Scotty B
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auditions_19.jpgAuditions 19

Lucas Entertainment

There are three things that I love about porn: going back and watching old videos that really turned me on, watching my friends have sex on camera, and watching guys who have huge crushes on have sex on camera - these last two reasons are exactly why I love Michael Lucas' Auditions 19!

No doubt this movie is not his newest release, in fact Lucas is on his 29th edition now of his Auditions series however when I was in New York City in May videographer Mr. Pam gave me a handful of movies to review and Auditions 19 was one of them. I think she did it on purpose because she knows my cock goes hard for Blu Kennedy *wink*.

Speaking of Blu Kennedy, the first scene is with him and chocolate lovin' boy Brian Bodine. Following the same format as previous Auditions, Lucas speaks candidly with these two models before filming the true action and while Brian speaks about his life in Florida the focus is on Blu and how he just broke up with his boyfriend and does porn because he loves sex. Blu's body is amazing - it has come a long way since we first spotted him doing twink films oh so many years ago. If you are a new Blu Kennedy fan or don't know who this man is let me tell you that he is the hottest red head in porn with a beautiful cock and the carpet matches the drapes! His cock is thick and a perfect color that is untanned and naturally skin-toned like his ass! The two engage in some hot oral exchanges and make kissing a focal point throughout the entire scene. Both Brian and Blu get fucked hard in the ass and while seeing Blu being a top is hot we enjoy seeing his ass get pounded and his fascial expressions taking Brians huge black cock up his ass. Blu seems to enjoy getting fucked way more he enjoys being a top - and if this is not true than this actor is great at his craft! By the end of the scene Brian is sweating profusely and while Blu shoots a rather unimpressive load, Brian decides to shoot all over Blu's face but then cleans up his own mess by licking up his cum off of Blu's face!

The second scene between real life boyfriends Danny B. and Nick Rider (how much you want a bet these two guys hate each other now?) start off the scene by proclaiming their undying love for one another - yawn! Before the two get together Lucas wants to see Nick Rider's talents as a dancer, stripping him down and asking him to put his legs behind his head and some other 'anal' talents - you gotta watch it firsthand! These boys have zero chemistry together before they start fucking but camera once the clothes come off they actually heat things up and make me interested in watching - nothing excites me more than seeing two uncut American guys sucking each other off on camera for my eyes only! Nick Rider has a lean body while Danny B is a thicker build with a thick cock too! Does this scene work? No, it doesn't but I have to give Lucas' interviewing skills an A+!!!

Christian Cruz and Jimmy are up next and these boys had fun - and it translates. Want to see Christian get fucked hard by Lucas' favorite Jimmy? Trust me, it's hot! Why do I enjoy watching this scene again and again? Jimmy's ginormous uncut cock of course. Overall a great AUDITION scene!

Scene four I wasn't too sure about at first. I understand that Lucas is a porn star but during Auditions I don't really care about watching him have sex, I want to see new boys audition for him and have fun on cam - well Lucas proves that he still has it in him and makes this scene go from drab to fab - Lucas still has it!!! Flying Trent Alexander from Texas, you can tell from the start that Lucas knows what he wants to do with this muscular, lean stud! The climax of the scene is when Lucas does his signature sex move called the "helicopter." Very hot and again a must watch - no matter how many times you have seen Lucas have sex on camera!

Okay, now for my favorite of all scenes - Lucas saved the best for last!! It is not secret that I have always had a huge crush on Manuel Torres and it is also not a secret that I went on a few dates with Jason Ridge back in the day, so watching this scene was needless to say a pleasure to watch over and over again! Manuel has this amazing masculinity to him and with those tattoos that make him look like a New York thug - or maybe that is my fantasy. Either way the scene is a show-stopper with top man Manny fucking the shit out of Jason Ridge - this the highlight of the movie!!!

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